Gratitude Day

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Here are the things for which I am particularly appreciative and thankful this Thanksgiving Day:


¨ The helpfulness of my husband, Rick, who does all kinds of computer stuff to make life easier; who does lots of things to keep the household running smoothly; who listens to my ideas and gives me thoughtful feedback; and who helped with some critical aspects of the dinner preparations today

¨ The deep, comfortable, easy-going love that Rick and I share

¨ Our nice, quiet, casual Thanksgiving

¨ My stepdaughters, who are growing up so fast, and the time Rick and I got to spend with #3 last night, playing cards and laughing (even though she busted me for whining about playing Hearts!)

¨ Roly and Lilah—and especially for Roly’s wagging tail!

¨ The warmish day we had today that allowed the dogs to have marrow bones outside

¨ The telephone, for being able to stay connected with far away family

¨ The love of my family in NC and knowing that they are carrying on tradition—even though I’m not there, I can “be there.”

¨ My 85-year-old newly widowed dad, having cooked his first turkey by himself plus mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch! (Even though he spent Thanksgiving with the rest of my family in North Carolina—he just wanted his own turkey!)

¨ Our cozy house

¨ Our Nordic Track and LifeCycle so that I can exercise indoors

¨ The influx of ideas I’ve had over the last 24 hours about what I want to do to spread the Recreating Eden and the other understandings I channel from Higher Wisdom

¨ The dream I had of my mom early this morning that felt like being with her

¨ The Internet and all the possibilities it empowers

¨ My patient and very accommodating webmaster

¨ All the wonderful friends I’ve met online, and the ones I haven’t yet met

¨ The cool folks who read my blog

¨ All those who are consciously choosing Heaven on Earth

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