Holy Harmony and the Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies

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Boy, oh boy. I could have sworn I had already blogged about coming across information about the Solfeggio Scale Frequencies. But apparently, I never did! I will tell you a bit about them now. Six (and later three more) “lost” (or perhaps hidden) sacred tones that have been surmised by researchers to be the sounds that were used to create Earth, and that used to be sung in Gregorian chants, maintaining our attunement with life-sustaining power of Source, were re-discovered about 10 years ago. Some say that the chants and songs that included these sacred tones were removed from Catholic liturgy to purposely disempower humanity. This may be true, but I continually receive internal messages about not buying into the victim stance, and the conspiracy of evil viewpoint is a huge victim perspective, not to mention, yet another hook into duality. So accurate or not, what I have been guided about it is that it's not a place to focus. Anyway, back to the heart of the matter...

While I still don’t have anywhere near a complete grasp of these, I was immediately compelled to find out more about them. After doing a little online research, I checked out a book from the library called Healing Codes of the Biological Apocalypse that was written by a guy named Len Horowitz that went into an in-depth discussion of the rediscovery and purpose of the Sacred Solfeggio Scale Frequencies. I was turned off by much of the book—talk about your victim/conspiracy/fear energy! But it does contain some interesting information. Here are a couple of cool quotes from the book:.

"Nature and Grace—the physical and the spiritual—reflect each other and reveal 'the great fact' that there is a secret tone scale—or set of sounds—that vibrates frequencies required to transform spirit to matter or matter to spirit.”


“Divine Source wants this Sacred Knowledge returned to the masses of spiritual people who long for it. By returning to God’s clock, calendar, musical notes and color scheme, humanity will return to the matrices of (higher) thought that enables Spirit to inspire natural “communion”. That is, people who sing the notes of the Solfeggio, and practice the precepts therein, will be blessed with peace, health, harmonious social relationships, and oneness with Spirit.”

How could I not be attracted to that?! Pretty fascinating stuff.

There is more to be found on the Sacred Solfeggio on the Web—just Google it. One sound healer, David Hulse, has a wealth of information about it on his site.

Now, to what I was going to tell you before I realized I had never mentioned the SS Frequencies. When I first got excited about them, I sought a way to partake of them that would be palatable as I have heard that they are not what we are used to as being musical. I found out that master sound healer, Jonathan Goldman, had created tuning forks that are tuned to the frequencies and used them in a sacred chant CD called Holy Harmony. I ordered it from Amazon and waited. And waited. And waited. Although I was eager to get it, I was patient because I figured since I had just started taking the ormus, I needed to wait to get the CD with the frequencies so I would know what was doing what. Turns out it was that and another very cool reason, which I will disclose in another entry because the story will take up too much space. Anyhow, it was truly all in Divine Order and when I got the green light from Spirit, I cancelled my Amazon order and bought my Holy Harmony CD from a nearby metaphysical shop and have been listening to it during my meditation time since. It is astonishing! I will talk more about it later, but suffice to say that it will make the hairs on your arms stand on end and put you into deep relaxation/trance faster than anything I’ve ever experienced. You can listen to a sample of it on Jonathan Goldman’s website, and order it from there as well. The sample is quite powerful but really does not do it justice. So trust me, if the sample does it for you, the CD itself will knock your socks off like it has mine.

I’m going to wrap up for now, but I’m sure there will be more on both this and the ormus experience soon! Oh--and one more thing--if you're interested in doing a daytime (US timezones) Recreating Eden study group, let me know right away, as I am organizing one for Mondays at 3 pm EST, 2 pm CST, 1 pm MST, and 12 noon PST. You can use the contact feature on recreating-eden.com to do this.

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Ellian said:

Hello, I am interested in trying out a Holy Harmony. Somewhere on the net I heard that it was very different, even a little "weird" and took some getting used to. The sample at the website is too small to give me an ide. Do you think you could post a track or two?

Julia said:

Dear Ellian~
I didn't see this before just now--sorry I didn't answer you a bit more promptly!
No--because the CD is under copyright, I don't even think it would be legal to post tracks from it.
Trust me--it's a wonderful thing. Actually, trust yourSelf, and use your intuition to know if it's something that is right for you!
In Joy,

Julia said:

P.S. Yes--it's a little weird, but you get used to it pretty quickly!

Chris said:

You can find the frequencies at www.2012evolution.com

enjoy and ascend!

Allan Darkling said:

Would you, or anyone else, care to list the frequencies of the solfeggio tones in Hz (of kHz).

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