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I told you I’d give you a report on my ORMUS adventures, so here it is. I’m really appreciating ORMUS greatly and finding it to be a great help in keeping my frequency up. I am using different products than I started with—I’m now taking “The White Dove” (64% M-Rhodium, 19% M-Gold, 15 % M-Iridium) and “The Golden Tear” (99.999% pure M-Gold) from Ocean Alchemy. I really, really like The White Dove. The Golden Tear is great, but extra powerful, and I am only taking a little bit of it. I liked the first product that I was taking from Priestess Alchemy, “Transformational Elixir,” but was guided to try what I’m now taking.

ORMUS has been really excellent at helping me immediately see when ego has grabbed the wheel so that I can choose my thoughts differently. That’s been very helpful! Over the last 3 weeks since I began with it, I have been in a continually mellow state with only one or two moments of reptilian stuff coming up. My mood has ranged from extreme joy to merely great joy, with only a few minute’s-worth of less-than-joy. Very stable. And I have had lots of energy. Additionally, I’ve been sleeping MUCH better than I have for years. Supposedly, the m-state gold increases melatonin production. I haven’t been taking it long enough to see major physical healing benefits from it, but am expecting those to show up after I’ve consumed it for a few more weeks. I emailed with a nice guy from Scotland today who told me that taking The White Dove has cured his arthritis and supplanted his desire for alcohol. And the guy who makes The White Dove and The Golden Tear, Don Nance, cured himself of cancer with ORMUS and is now dedicated to making it for others and teaching them to make it. He’s a very nice guy.

With all the benefits that ORMUS confers. I’m feeling the need to pace myself carefully. There are reports of people who have gone crackers from using too much before they were ready for it, and I am loving my life so much, I sure don’t want to screw it up! So I’m going slowly and checking in continuously with my inner guidance as to how much to take and when. So far, so good!

I did find myself pretty tense at one point a few days ago, and realized that I was stressing about a potential problem with the ORMUS experience. One of the features of ORMUS consumptionand in fact, with increased frequency in generalis that your powers of manifestation speed up. “Wow!” You may think, “I’d be thrilled with that.” And there’s no doubt that it can be a blessing. But there’s a flip side to it, and it is something to take seriously before you dive in and partake of this extraordinary class of minerals.

Yes—you can manifest your desires more quickly, but you can also manifest your “don’t wants”—your fears—just as fast. Because we manifest what it is we’re focused on and vibrating a match to, it is crucial that we maintain an absolute focus on that which is desirable instead of dwelling on all that we do NOT desire. Fortunately, when you rise in frequency by whatever means, you are less prone to think fearful thoughts and more prone to being easy going overall. I’m really glad I have put in a lot of years of conscious spiritual growth before using ORMUS. It is really not something for people who don’t already have the ability to witness their own thoughts and emotions and who don’t have practice with saying no to their reptilian impulses.

I had a cool experience yesterday morning that I will share. As I was in the kitchen, pouring myself a glass of water right after I got up, I was determining whether I needed to start the day out with The White Dove or The Golden Tear, so I asked for guidance and the instant I asked, I glanced down and right in front of my eyes, in large letters, was the word “TEAR.” It was on a white plastic bucket that the virgin coconut oil was in, and I had 2 buckets stacked on the counter so it was right almost at eye level. Talk about ask and ye shall receive! I got my answer instantaneously and knew it was right on. (By the way, the word TEAR was just stamped into the lid in ½ inch letters as an indicator that you tear the plastic strip to open the bucket!) I’ve had a bunch of cool synchronicities like that which I may share at some point. But I will wrap things up for now.

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