How to create a spiritual emergency

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I think I kind of shot myself in the foot yesterday by something I have affirmed over and over. I have said so many times that whenever I come up with a seminar or workshop topic, I always seem to attract the opportunity to live the topic firsthand between the time I announce it and the time of the event. Yesterday’s topic was “Spiritual Emergenc(i)es: Beyond Survival to Greater Union with Spirit.”

So…what did I create for yesterday? Yep. You guessed it. A spiritual emergency, albeit a relatively minor one, and short-lived, as I applied the “rules” for pulling out of such a thing. I guess it was helpful to experience, so I could refresh my memory and practice rising above, but I do wonder if it was necessary. (Rick said I should never, ever do a seminar on how to survive the loss of a spouse!)

I noticed myself thinking yesterday morning how I'd had escaped creating a spiritual emergency in honor of this seminar, and how that was JUST FINE with me. But early in the afternoon, I discovered that I had somehow managed to send out the wrong telephone number for the teleseminar. And just before I realized I had done that, I found out that Hotmail had hard-bounced our email announcement and our mailing list company rendered those addresses inactive. So I had to write a special announcement for them about how to complain to Hotmail and to give them the access information for the seminar. I also had Tony (webmaster) post the phone number and access code on the site for those who might not have been able to get them via email. Then I sent Tony the email for the Hotmail folks with a different phone number—the CORRECT one—and he noticed it was different, thank goodness. If not, I would have been on the phone alone when the teleseminar time rolled around!

So, we scrambled to get a correction announcement out (thank you, Rick!) and managed to get it out by 4:40 pm EST. I prayed that people on the East Coast would check their email one more time before they left work…There is more chaos that happened that I won’t bother to describe, but suffice to say what I had planned to be my tranquil, frequency-raising, seminar-planning afternoon turned out to be angst-filled and required me to stay at the computer for most of it. By the time I got to my “happy place” and settled down to do my spiritual communion, I was so freaked out and pulled into the ego-world of fear (What if people are mad at me? What if I let somebody down because I made a—gasp—mistake? What if I didn’t reach everyone in time? Will they be frustrated and upset and unhappy because of ME? Yamma, yamma, yamma.)

At that point, my frequency was so low, I’d look at my seminar notes and couldn’t even read them. It was like they were written in Russian! My head was not clear, and I was unable to focus. YIKES! And I’m supposed to lead a spiritually enlightening seminar in a couple of hours? Yes--this was a spiritual emergency! Fortunately, I remembered the frequency raisers, and started using them. The first thing I did was surrender. Then I used “Release” essential oil blend on my solar plexus. Then I did conscious breathing. And surrendered again. And reminded myself that all was in Divine Order—that whoever was supposed to be on the line for the seminar, would get the correction in time. And I had my frequency raising music on, of course. Gradually, I felt myself relaxing and getting centered, and the sounds of my ego snoring in the background. I was then able to read my notes and organize them. By the time it was time to call into the conference line, I was cruising at altitude again!

I just wonder if I am attracting the challenges when I claim them, or if I am predicting them? Both, I'd say. The universe is, after all, as Abraham says, set up to make you right! At any rate, if you notice that I’m doing a seminar called “How to Adjust to Having a Large Influx of Income,” you’ll understand why!

Oh, yes—despite the big boo-boo with the incorrect phone number, we had a great turnout—25 folks. We had someone from Australia, someone from Hawaii, and someone from Ireland—she got out of bed in the middle of the night to dial in! Now THAT’s dedication! We also had representatives from every region of the mainland U.S. I just love that we can all come together and form a synergy without getting out of our bunny slippers!

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