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I mentioned two entries ago that I had added new articles to the articles page, and the entry before that one, I told about taking the ORMUS—or m-state minerals--for the first time. What I want to share is that those articles—I call them my “ORMUS-ized” articles—seem to have a whole new energy. They are the first I wrote after starting to take the ORMUS.

I first began to suspect there was something different about them when someone on a Yahoo group that I belong to commented that she had a really cosmic experience from reading the new articles. I had not mentioned anything to the group other than simply that there were some new articles on the site that they might appreciate. Her response was, without quoting her exactly, that reading them had essentially caused her to leave her body, have a realization of truth, feel a commitment to transcending ego for the cause of Oneness, and then return to her body feeling balanced and energized and renewed, and newly devoted to her spiritual path. And offered me deep gratitude for having provided the articles.

As the British would say, I was gobsmacked to read that! My immediate thought was “ORMUS!” since it sounds like the kind of experience some people have reported that have used it.

So I started wondering if this was an isolated incident—just an overly dramatic person saying something for effect. Though I have not met this person, I’ve interacted with her a little bit in the group and she had never struck me as being particularly melodramatic or flaky. I decided to post to the ORMUS and Spirit Yahoo Group to see what they had to say—could taking the ORMUS be helping me imbue my words with greater energy? A couple of people replied that they were very energy sensitive and had definitely been able to tell a major difference in the old articles and the new. Of course, I thought, “Well, it could be the placebo effect.”

I let a woman who had liked my articles before know that I had posted new ones, and she received the news with great glee. She then added links to all three of them to her website, and posted the links to another forum she frequents. When I checked the webstats that night, visits to our site had almost doubled from one day to the next! This has just not happened before unless there was a newsletter just out.
I figured the visits would really drop off the next day, but instead, they had grown 50% more. And guess where people were entering the site—the articles page! The mailing list jumped fourteen names in 48 hours—something unprecedented in our history (but not in our future!), and I’ve been getting email after lovely email from wonderful, loving people saying they just discovered my writing and how it has made such a difference for them! Then, I got an unsolicited, direct comment from someone else that my latest writing seems to be super magnetic and sizzling with energy! So ORMUS or no, this latest batch of articles does seem have a little extra going on! Check them out and see.

Now—lest you think I’m taking the beautiful responses I’ve been getting from people as some sort of personal compliments, let me assure you that I am VERY clear on what it is that is drawing people, and it is NOT Julia, the personality. I know that it’s Spirit being attracted to Spirit, but I feel truly awed and honored to be a conduit for this. I really love being able to do what I love to do, knowing that it provides an energy blessing and an invitation to higher frequency for others. What an honor and a privilege!

If you’re not on my mailing list, be sure to get on it. Yesterday afternoon, I finally decided to do something I’ve been thinking about for a long time: an teleconference version of a Recreating Eden study group. So I put out an email to the list, and by bedtime, the group was a little more than half filled; by the time I got up this a.m., it was one person shy of being filled, and as of this writing, there are 3 people on a waiting list. I may just do another one if enough people are interested. (Email me if you’re one of them!) I wanted to keep the group smallish (12 participants) so that there would be opportunities for everyone to interact. I’m excited that so many people are willing to commit to 6 weeks of Recreating Eden!

Remember—this Monday, January 10, is my monthly f’ree teleseminar. This one is “Spiritual Emergenc(i)es.” You can learn more about it by going to the listing for it on the events page. If you’re on my list, you’ll receive the access information the day before, or no later than the day of the event. Hope to “see” you there!

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