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I’m just loving these Recreating Eden study groups! We had a great session today (daytime group) and a great session Monday night. It’s just so much fun talking with people who GET it! Indeed, talking to people who GET it, at least in part because of Recreating Eden! And it's a joy to hear how appreciative they are of the book.

It’s really cool all the insights I get when I’m in the middle of the study group meetings. For example, today, someone who reported having a similar experience to my experience of spontaneous cosmic consciousness was asking me why neither she nor I had been able to return there, and I heard myself saying something to the gist of, “It’s because when I went there the first time, it was spontaneous. I didn’t even know there was such a possibility, so there was no effort involved. Once I had experienced it, I wanted to go back, so I tried—but what part of us is it that “tries”? It’s ego, of course, and ego is the very aspect of us that is keeping us from perfect alignment.” I had never thought of that answer before, but I had thought of the question before! Ah—the power of an evolutionary synergy, and we sure had created one.

Another interesting thing that came up is that we were talking with a member of the group who is a new grandmother about the experience of having read Chapter One, “Leaving Paradise: Growing Up on Earth,” and having the new baby around. She said it had really affected her to think of how her precious grandbaby was going through Earth indoctrination and she was witnessing it. She said it was unsettling to observe, knowing what she now understands about that from reading the book. (Of course, I reassured her that the child had selected the experience of immersing in duality.)

Then the conversation turned to the “New Children,”(Indigos, Crystal, etc.) and I heard myself expressing an opinion that I had not considered before: What if there are no “New Children,” but simply a new vibration here on the planet—a higher frequency, if you will, a vibrational frequency that is more supportive of maintaining alignment and a knowing of the Truth of Who We Are? What if we all start from the same place of radiance, but the “New Children” simply are not immersed in the same level of density as were children of the past, like you and me? It may be some of both, but I really think the new energetic framework of Earth makes a huge difference in the level of amnesia that these newcomers to the planet experience—or don’t, as the case may be.

Switching gears—another joyful event that occurred since the last posting is that yesterday (Tuesday), Rick and I went to Ft. Collins and he saw/heard daughter #2 singing in the All-State Choir (high school) while I visited my dear friend, Brenda, who moved there this summer from my hometown in North Carolina. Talk about an interesting synchronicity! We have been friends since the mid-1990s when she moved back to Lexington, where I was living at the time, and in dire need of a friend on the same spiritual wavelength, and the owner of the local health food store (also a friend) recommended that she call me. She did, and the rest is history! Anyway, long story short, she found her way to Colorado and is happy as a clam, finding the place is feeding her creativity and sense of "Home." She's into all kinds of fascinating projects and has met lots of interesting, like-minded people. Ft. Collins is a charming little college town and a hub of new age activity. Unlike me, with my Pluto line running atop I-25, her Venus line matches up with I-25, so she is finding her new home to be very nurturing. It was great to see her and it is so obvious that she is happy and loving her new life!

Oh, yeah—my friend, Barbara Rose, is having an Amazon Bestseller Campaign today. For the next 24 hours, when you buy her latest book, Know Yourself: A Woman’s Guide to Wholeness, Radiance, and Supreme Confidence, you get a lot of great gifts, including some from ME! Check it out: http://www.borntoinspire.com/

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