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I just realized this evening that it’s been almost a week since I posted anything here! I wish I could tell you that’s because I was doing something remarkable, but the truth is that I’ve been caught up in a mélange of this, that, and the other. So tonight’s blog entry will be a reflection of that.

Last time I wrote, I was just coming off of the first meeting of Recreating Eden Study Group 1. The next day, was the first meeting of Recreating Eden Study Group 2, which went really great, too. I really do love to get together with people from everywhere like that. I feel like a geezer when I proclaim what a miracle it seems to be able to speak with someone in Europe or Australia and have it be as clear as if they were in the next room, but that’s what it feels like to me! I do so very much appreciate that technology enables us to gather via the Internet and telephone.

In thinking over my financial wounds, and the utter lack of success I've had with tackling them head on, I've been wondering, "What if I have this particular set of impossible personality issues because I'm not SUPPOSED to do things in the normal average way? What If I've been created to thrive in a new way around money and that's why the old ways have been unsuccessful for me, why I have the money issues I have, and why I've felt such resistance around it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how, if we are truly the creators of our experience, then we don’t actually have to follow someone else’s rules—not old rules, not even new rules—at least, not unless we believe we do or we want to—and that WE get to make up the rules of our own game. I’m thinking of throwing out all the rules about money that don’t suit me. Yesterday, I came up with a nice, quick 'n' dirty list of new rules I’m thinking about utilizing. Here they are:

Julia’s NEW Money Rules

  1. Whether or not I heal my money wounds, I can have all that I want. Money comes to me no matter what.
  1. It’s okay for me to be prosperous without first healing my money wounds.
  1. Money can love me and come to me even if I am worried about how I will handle it—if I need someone else to do my accounting, that is valid and A-OK!
  1. The only condition around having money is that it always empowers me.
  1. It’s okay for me to feel secure whether or not I heal my money “stuff.”
  1. By focusing on the options and freedom that are my motivators for having money, instead of the money itself, I will attract options and freedom, which may come through money, but may come in other ways, too.
  1. No matter what, when I feel joyful, I am a money magnet.

I’ll let you know how these work for me. Some of them may take my ego-mind some convincing! For sure, they give me food for thought and an insight into my money issues. Meantime, maybe you want to make some new money rules for yourself —or new rules about anything—and see what they bring up for you!

Oh, yes—Rick’s birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday Season, Rick!

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Andrena said:

Julia: Brilliant!!! You have provided a new prospective on a BIG stumbling block. Why should we have to FIX something before we think deserve to have it? You're right we don't really have to. Just focus on the dream and the money part will fix it self. More importantly, in puts the JOY part up front and center. No matter what, you are right on target about your JOY message, Julia, and I ""embrace"" this.
Love and Blessing, A

Julia said:

Andrena! Don't know why the system didn't alert me via email that this comment was here, but I just stumbled across it.
Love your comment. It really reinforces my insights to my ego mind when someone else sees what I'm seeing! ""Shouldn't"" be necessary, and it's really not, but it's nice to have a little validation so that ego feels gratified!
Go for the Joy and all else will follow! (reminds me of ""Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else shall be added unto you.""

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