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Today I discovered—or, shall I say, “rediscovered,” an important component of maintaining optimal frequency, and that is achieving deep rest and letting go of overwhelm (what part of us is it that is overwhelmed, anyway? Ego, the frequency zapper, of course!). The next 10 days is mighty full for me, and I need to be clear and focused and able to channel Higher Wisdom, but the last few days I’ve felt somewhat uninspired and scattered, and just plain weary, not to mention, my neck has been out of whack and affecting my energy level and my general sense of well-being—and I’ve been freaking out about it. It’s for sure that freaking out isn’t a frequency elevator! So today, I surrendered to that. I stopped resisting how I was feeling and just let it go. And I'm feeling better and better.

One thing that allowed me to do that was to make a list of things that I need to accomplish so I didn’t have to feel responsible for remembering them mentally. What a simple thing, and you’d think I would have just automatically done it anyway—yet, when you allow yourself to go into overwhelm and your frequency is lowered, it’s not as easy to remember the simplest of tools and techniques. Another (and I’m not particularly proud of this one, as I’d rather do things naturally) is that I took a muscle relaxer because I had really gotten myself in a physical knot with my neck being out of alignment, and the tension was getting more and more intense, and “trying” to relax was making it worse (Who is it that tries, anyway? Yep. Ego.).

The blessing in the pill was that it not only helped me physically feel better by releasing the tension in my muscles which allowed my neck to come into better alignment, it made me sleepy, so I spent much of my afternoon and evening dozing on and off on the daybed, and that was a blessing. Sleep is a potent frequency-raiser as you go into Prime Matrix without the interference of ego, and you are restored by time spent there without left-brain interference. Of course, I probably could have accomplished the release I needed without the med, but sometimes, allopathy is useful!

In the “Thoughts are Things” department, last night was bitterly cold—got down to -13 degrees, and I had the thought just as I was going to sleep, “Boy—I sure hope the power doesn’t go out. It would be awful not to have heat with it being so cold.” Such a thought while dropping into theta is NOT recommended, for I was awakened at 4:00-ish to discover that the power had gone out! I quickly put on long pants, socks, and got an extra blanket and snuggled back into bed with the pups to wait it out. I’m somewhat addicted to my white noise machine, and it’s electric, so it was a challenge to sleep without it, but I managed to drop off, only to be awakened awhile later by the lamp by the bed coming on. (Before I realized the power was out, I had tried to turn it on, and never turned it back off.) The power stayed on until about 9:00, and went off again for about a half hour. It was later that we found out that the power company had instigated rolling blackouts because of a supposed natural gas shortage that decreased the power supply (hmmm…). All I know for sure is that it made me think again about wanting to live off the grid—well, maybe not completely, but to at least have a passive solar set up, and to be able to generate our own electricity somewhat so as not to be subject to such things. Something to move toward. I really love the idea of Earthships.

One more thing—I participated in “Chakra Play” today with Shondra, “The Chakra Queen,” over the phone, and it was delightful. She leads the group in opening and activating the higher chakras (beyond the normal seven). I really enjoyed joining energies with other folks—felt very powerful. She’s going to have a free session again next Saturday, so if you want to be on the call, just email her and let her know you’re wanting to join in so she can plan and reserve enough phone lines. Her email is: r a b 1 6 6 1 @ y a h o o . c o m (just take the spaces out—I spread out the address so it wouldn’t be picked up by an email address harvester.) The information you’ll need is: 2:30 PM EST, 1:30 CST, 12:30 PM MTN, 11:30 AM PST, 7:30PM GMT. The number is: 712-580-7700 and the access code is 777999#.

Now, back to resting and regaining energy in my warm bed in my warm house, for which I am extremely grateful!


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Mary said:

Hi Julia...glad to hear that your give so much
Love mary

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