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I love the way my wise Self devises opportunities for me to examine things I teach about in a very personal way, and observe the dynamics of them in my own life. This week’s study groups were focused on Chapter Five of Recreating Eden, which is titled “A New Operating Procedure: Changing Your Mind.” It features the very important topic of attuning with, listening to, and honoring the information being broadcast by your unlimited God-Realized Self over the input coming from your limited, information-impaired ego. (Spirit, who can see all, has up-to-the-nanosecond information and can see everything. Ego, which is very near-sighted, relies entirely upon the five senses, and only has secondhand information in the form of evidence, which is always stale, since it’s what energy has left behind.)

Even though I have practiced listening to and following my Spirit for years and years, there are still times when ego tricks me into disallowing the guidance of Spirit because it doesn’t fit with what I “know”—or, rather, what I think I know that is stored in the little shoebox-size repository of left-brained information I have collected. So…what incident am I referring to? First, a little background.

I have experienced neck/cranial problems for many years. It has seemed that my neck would go out at the slightest provocation, usually in my sleep, and I would wake up with a “neck headache,” or, as Rick and I have christened it, a “neck uck.” So about a week ago, my neck went out and gave me quite an uck, which I kept hoping would go away spontaneously. It’s very acute and on one side, but seems to affect my whole body. Ouch. I’ve been slathering it with essential oil of peppermint to numb the pain and help the inflammation, so I’ve been smelling like a candy-cane factory for a week! It was bothering me more and more and interfering with my sleep and my work and finally, Monday, I went to my longtime chiropractor (we’ll call him “Dr. B”) to get the magic adjustment that would make it all better. And it did, for about three minutes, and by the time I got to my car, it was back with a vengeance.

I’ve been less satisfied with Dr. B. lately—long story short, he’s excellent at what he does and is extremely likable, but his outlook is not as holistic as I would like and he is not as aware spiritually as would be useful to our relationship. And, he doesn’t use kinesiology, which seems important to me in making an assessment of what I need. The neck not really improving after my visit to him kind of clinched it—time to try someone new. I had someone else in mind as a possibility. I have bought some glandular supplements at a chiropractic office in our neighborhood for a couple of years, and always thought I might try that doctor if I ever decided to switch. I knew he was more expensive than Dr. B, so I was a little concerned about that, and wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. So yesterday, thinking it might just be time to see him, I dowsed on it and got a very clear and powerful YES!!! So I called to make an appointment and I asked about the cost of an initial appointment, and it was $97 (this will be significant later). My appointment was today.

Meanwhile, last night, I asked my Self what essential oil would help me with the “knot” in my neck, and the immediate answer was “Release.” And I thought, “No—that’s for emotional release, not physical release,” and slathered on some more peppermint. So, today, when I went to see my new chiropractor, and, after extensive—and I mean extensive—evaluation and testing of all my body systems with kinesiology and some kind of spinal scanning equipment, what was the verdict on this neck problem? “It’s stuck emotional energy, so it’s no wonder the adjustment on Monday didn’t really help much” he tells me! Gee—just what my inner physician was trying to get across when it recommended “Release”!

Sooooo, he told me he would study all the data he had acquired from the testing, analyze it, and meet with me Friday, at which time we would use something called Neuro-Emotional Technique to home in on exactly what it is that I’m holding in my neck, down to the whats and whens of the stored trauma and then help me release it. He also told me that it was no wonder the adjustment from Dr. B. didn’t hold more than a few minutes, as my feet were badly out of alignment, which he demonstrated pretty dramatically with kinesiology and just the act of walking on them would have compromised any adjustment (why didn’t Dr. B. know that?). I was really thrilled with the comprehensiveness of his approach—exactly what I felt lacking in Dr. B’s treatment. I felt very confident that I had been guided to the right new doctor, and that even if he was more expensive, he was providing far more, and that there is a real chance for a solution to my neck issues.

I needn’t have given a thought to the “more expensive” aspect of things—as I was checking out, he instructed his receptionist to only charge me for a brief consultation—$57! For all that time and testing! What a nice guy.

So, though my neck is still holding some of the tension, I’m feeling better tonight. His adjustments to my neck, back and feet made a huge difference while I was there, and I’ve followed instructions to ice my neck and lower back. And I’ll do some emotional release work tomorrow (as always, I’ll listen to Ashes by Cris Williamson and whatever else I’m guided to do) and use some Release essential oil blend. By Friday after I have seen Dr. Wonderful, I’ll be feeling fine!

(By the way, Release is on sale for 10% off this month.)



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Scott Hotchkiss said:

My great grandmother said something to me one time very long ago. I don't remember the exact words but the gist of it was:
When you have a pain in the neck, there is someone in your life that is being a pain in the neck! Or that you are being a pain in the neck for somebody else. There's a reason for those expressions.
Same goes for a pain in the butt (hemmorrhoids?)
Constipation? Figure it out.
I know that when I have abdominal stress, bellyache or gas or worse, it's usually because I'm not listening to my gut feelings. There's a blockage of energy. I have an old lower back injury and it only flares up when I take on (accept) too much burden from other people who are not willingto pull their weight. I carry it all on my back! My gramma was right! (She gave the best advice of anyone in my life and I love her.)
Anyway, I just found your site / blog etc. from PI and am glad of it.

Julia said:

Hi, Scott~
Yep--your gramma is one smart cookie! In my most recent blog entry, I told of how I went to the chiropractor and he used the neuro-emotional technique to help me release the blocked emotional energy that was causing the neck problem, and, indeed, it was related to a relationship issue from waaaaaay back, AND from a more recent traumatic relationship episode.
So glad you found my blog and Recreating Eden!
Love and Joy,

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