Ahhh, Spring! Awww, Mercury Rx!

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Happy Spring! Here in Denver, we celebrated the Vernal Equinox with a snow storm, which is actually quite fitting, since we’ve had a dearth of moisture this winter, and the spring greening will be facilitated by the snow.

This is another one of those blog entries that I’m launching into without a particular theme. There’s been lots going on—just not one specific topic that’s taking center stage at the moment. Okay—maybe there is. Mercury retrograde. Again.

Mercury retrograde continues through the weekend, and I’ve decided that since starting projects during a Mercury Rx is asking for trouble, it’s a call to rest, relax, rejuvenate, review, and do all the other “re”s before Mercury goes direct again on March 25 and I’m off to the races. Okay—not the horse races, or the car races—or even the rat race, just allowing the energy to sweep me up in it in forward motion once again. There is SO much I want to do! While I’m usually very frustrated during Mercury Rx, this time, I find myself succumbing to it and struggling against it only a tiny bit. This is progress.

It is lovely to allow myself to rest and just veg a little. I tend to work every waking hour when I have the chance—weekdays, weekends—I just love doing what I do. But I do realize that one needs time away from the computer and time to just BE, instead of always in continual “on” mode. My mom always said I had an “on” switch, and an “off” switch, and no speed in between. I’d like to think I’ve matured with that, but it seems those same 2 switches are the ones I primarily use—and the “on” switch predominates. I’m grateful I have enough energy to be “on” so much of the time these days. The adrenal healing I’ve achieved lately has given a greater ability to flow with the energy that I am channeling from Source. Love that!

Speaking of energy and the chiropractor, at my last visit, he measured my frequency at 730! I was shocked since I didn’t feel very centered at all that day, and didn’t even want him to measure it. According to the Hawkins scale, a measurement of 730 means I’m balancing out more than 70 million humans who are vibrating at 200 or under. I really think that it’s getting easier and easier to rise in frequency—just like Recreating Eden predicted. I love that I keep getting confirmation from all over the place that what I wrote in Recreating Eden is not something I, alone, received.

Well…all for now. There’s more to say, but it’ll wait till next time.

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