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Well—Rick and I finally saw The Secret today, and I must say—the wait was really worth it! We finished watching it 9 hours ago, and I’m still buzzing from it. As I said on The Secret Forum on Powerful Intentions, it does more than just a masterful job of sharing concepts, it transfers a huge amount of energy, and is produced in such a way that you entrain with it instantly and open your receptors wide! Wow.

While there were no new startling concepts in it for me—it really showcases your Law of Attraction, New Thought basics (which is one thing that makes it perfect)—it is so beautifully done and so compelling, I will want to watch it over and over. Not just for the reminders of what I know (and face it—we all need reminders from time to time to practice what we know!), but for the frequency-raising power of this production. I really found myself way up in the joy space the entire time while watching it, and that is SO valuable! If you want to create more joy, being in the joy space is the place to be!

The instigator and executive producer of The Secret is an Australian TV veteran named Rhonda Byrne, who was motivated by some personally catastrophic events to attract into her life a book from 1910 called The Science of Getting Rich (which you can read for free online). You can read Rhonda's story at The Secret website. It’s really inspiring! Of course, having been inspired to write Recreating Eden by a personally catastrophic event, I totally understand the power of being at wit's end to launch amazing things! (Here is a link to the introduction to Recreating Eden in case you haven't yet read it.)

The Secret will be truly life-changing for so many people, but I'd like to suggest that perhaps the mechanics of the way that will happen are a little different than the human creators of The Secret consciously comprehend. (But obviously not different than the divine consciousness that provided the idea for The Secret designed it to unfold!) I don’t believe the lack of awareness was ever so much a case of the information being consciously withheld from most of humanity as the promotional material for The Secret implied—the way I understand it is that the frequency of human consciousness was below the level at which the majority of people were in vibrational position to comprehend it.

You know, if you’ve read Recreating Eden, that you can only connect vibrationally with what is adjacent to your range of frequency—anything out of your frequency range might as well not exist to you. And to most people, these concepts were either not even in their range of perception, or they may have been able to read or hear these things, but there was no recognition. Still too far under the anesthesia of lower frequency.

But as we know—hallelujah!—that is rapidly shifting, and more people than ever are at a high enough frequency to “meet up” with these understandings and to be able to grok them and live by them. What The Secret will do is magnetize to it those that are ready to know, as well as reinforcing it for those of us who have already been consciously applying the principles therein, and this will raise the frequency of the Whole. When the frequency of the Whole is raised, it magnetically pulls more and more of the Whole into alignment and up in frequency, creating more and more people who have reached a high enough consciousness/frequency level that they can comprehend the information. THAT’S the magic of The Secret.

By the way, we watched The Secret on the computer via a new streaming technology called Vividas, which allowed us to see it in high resolution, full screen. Immediately after the credits rolled, we bought 4 copies of the DVD—one for ourselves and 3 for gifts. THAT’s how cool it is. After you’ve seen it, come on back and comment here and/or come over to The Secret Forum at Powerful Intentions!

Oh, yeah--I saw on the forum that Tom Justin had posted a well-written, insightful review of The Secret on his blog that you might enjoy reading.

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Hi Julia,
I really enjoyed reading your review of ""The Secret"" and also the one written by Tom Justin. I plan to buy the DVD asap! I will also check out Rhonda's story and the intro to your book. Thanks so much for sharing!
Yours for health & happiness,
Denny :-)
P.S. I like your graphics - the ""eyes"" have it!

Julia said:

Hi, Denny!
Glad you appreciated the review and let me know that! Do come back and give your own take on The Secret after you have seen it!
In Joy,
P.S. The eyes, do indeed, have it! Thanks for the compliment!

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