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I’m pasting in the following (between the lines) that I posted to the “Raise Your Frequency!” forum over at Powerful Intentions because I want to share it with you and don't want to have to rewrite it! By the way, that forum is mine, in that I founded it and moderate it, and I invite you to visit there and participate. You’ll need to join P.I., but that’s free unless you decide to upgrade. We’re sharing lots about frequency-raising strategies, and the hot thread of the moment is about amygdala clicking. Do drop in!

I've been seeing a chiropractor who I would call a "chiropractor plus" as he utilizes lots of other modalities and treats more holistically than most that I've been to. Without going in depth about my health stuff (not unwilling to, just not wanting to confuse the issue!), I've been seeing him every other day for the last 10 days, and he is helping me immensely.

He has been using kinesiology to check my vibrational frequency based on the David Hawkins scale. The first time I went, my frequency measureed at 370 (most folks are between 200-300, I believe). You must understand that raising my frequency has been my focus, and with using the ORMUS, listening to the Solfeggio frequencies, plus all the channeling I do, I KNOW my frequency is way high. Anyway, he checked an emotional stress and used the Neuro-Emotional Technique to clear it, and then re-measured my frequency and it went to 600!!! I'm not sure he has measured anyone so high before based on his exclamations of astonishment!

When I went back the next time, I took a bottle of frankincense with me, and let him measure my frequency again, and it was 630. Then, I told him not to look, and I dabbed frankincense on my brainstem area of my neck, and inhaled it. Then, he tested me again, and my frequency was up to 680!

I just wanted to do that to see if my intuition about frankincense was correct—it does, indeed, raise your frequency. I wonder if we'd had more time and the oil had a chance to integrate more fully if my frequency would have measured even higher.

Powerful stuff.

The really cool thing is that after I posted this, I went in search of the frequency scale ala Hawkins, and found a fabulous article that almost perfectly parallels the message in Recreating Eden, and that has some really cool perspectives that I think you will really resonate with. I think you’ll want to read the entire article, but I am going to quote a few paragraphs from it (which is actually excerpted from a book called Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension), by Kiara Windrider. He says:

“The Earth‘s base frequency is measurable and is represented by what is known as the Schumann Resonance. Until about two decades ago, this had remained stable at around 7.83 hertz, or cycles per second. Then suddenly (according to Gregg Braden‘s research, based on data collected by Russian and Norwegian scientists), it started climbing.

According to the science of sacred harmonics, there is a stable frequency around 8 hertz, and then another stable frequency around 13 hertz. As the base-frequency of the Earth increases, it is possible that we will eventually stabilize somewhere in the range of 13 hertz, which I feel is the beginning of fourth dimensional frequency. Braden says it has already reached somewhere between 12 and 13 hertz.

I find it very interesting that the human brainwave pattern for the alpha, or ‘threshold consciousness,’ is between 8 and 13 hertz, while the brainwave pattern for beta, or ‘waking consciousness,’ is 13 hertz and higher. As Gaia approaches 13 hertz, does this mean She is waking up?

Parallel to these base frequencies are what David Hawkins in Power vs. Force calls ‘consciousness frequencies‘. He indicates that the consciousness frequency of humanity underwent a big shift around the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, and again surrounding the events of September 11, 2001. This scale of consciousness frequencies runs from 0-1000, with a turning point around 200, where we move from self-destructive to life-enhancing experiences. At the bottom of the scale is shame, progressing up through apathy, grief, and fear, to anger, pride, and finally, at level 200, to courage. Above this line, beginning with courage, we go up to neutrality, acceptance, reason, then up to love, joy, peace, and finally, from level 700, to various states of enlightenment. The journey up this scale is what our spiritual evolution is about.

What is fascinating to me in Hawkins’ system is that although the average human consciousness on the planet right now is far below 200, the collective human consciousness is above this line! This is because each person vibrating to higher consciousness on this scale counterbalances many others vibrating below 200. The scale advances logarithmically. For instance, one person vibrating at love, which is 500 on this scale, counterbalances 750,000 individuals below the line, while one enlightened person at 700 counterbalances 70 million others below the line! A single avatar at level 1000 can totally counterbalance the collective negativity of humanity…”

You’d better believe I’ll be raising my frequency up another 20 points a.s.a.p.!!! What I want you to understand is that I have gotten to this point with my frequency from practicing the principles in Recreating Eden. I have devoted myself to raising my frequency through intentional joy and unconditional radiance, and IT WORKS. It’s so very cool to have a measurement of it, and to see how what others are channeling truly mirrors what I channeled in Recreating Eden about how the restoration process works.

When we move dynamically toward joy ourselves through our moment-to-moment choices, we contribute in the most powerful possible way to the liberation of others. What an amazing system! This is SO very doable.

(The rest of the article is awesome as well. Wait till you read the part about about butterflies...)


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Dear Julia,
The measurement of raising your consciousness with the help of the chiropractor consists of many factors. What exactly does the chiropractor measure? Was it Frankincense that raised your consciousness, where the Frankincense was placed on your body, your intention rather than the substance, a deepening shift in your state of mind, some other factor, or all or some of the above?
Your intention accompanied by sincerity of follow through will bear fruit sooner or later according to the promise of many great teachers like Buddha for example, who is said to have pointed out (and I am paraphrasing) that once enlightenment is desired, it will occur eventually.
Dr. David R. Hawkins in his various references and videos on the subject of addiction showed that a substance could temporarily remove lower ""levels"" of consciousness to allow for a ""high level"" of consciousness. It is thus initiatory. Incense also clears and purifies in preparation of a spiritually conducive atmosphere.
To permanently make the heightened level of consciousness one's own requires the spiritual ""work"" of undoing anything found to be in the way of what is now known.
I enjoyed reading this post, where you share your enthusiasm for your raising of consciousness frequency. I hope my comments are a welcome addition on your journey!

Julia said:

Hi, Georg!
Nice to meet you!
You said, ""To permanently make the heightened level of consciousness one's own requires the spiritual ""work"" of undoing anything found to be in the way of what is now known.""
As you will be able to surmise by reading through this blog, and the articles on my website http://www.recreating-eden.com
I am right in tune with what you are saying!
By the way, since I made this post, I've had the chiropractor check me for ""frequency set-point"" instead of just the frequency of the moment. My frequency has consistently been rising, and was measured today at 800 according to the Hawkins scale.
It is true that raising my frequency and becoming unconditionally radiant is my goal, but I know it's becoming easier in general to raise one's frequency because of a multitude of factors. Hooray!
I hope you'll check out my website, http://www.recreating-eden.com/index.html and come back to visit my blog from time to time!
In Joy,

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