White Volvo station wagons

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I have been waiting to write about this until there was not much else to write about—but that time doesn’t seem to be coming! So I’ll just write about this so it will be done, and then tell you of the exciting current events in my life.


Okay. Last week, when I was leaving the chiropractor’s office, I noted that a shiny, new white Volvo station wagon was approaching me from the other end of the parking lot—not in a threatening way—just driving toward my car. And for no reason that I could come up with, it seemed to stand out in highlights for me. I should say here that I have never had any particular interest in Volvos in general, and in white Volvo station wagons in particular. As I made my way toward the health food store, I saw another white Volvo station wagon pulling out of the post office. It, also, stood out as if highlighted. “Hmmmm…interesting,” I thought.

Then, about a block later, there was another white Volvo station wagon sitting at the light on a sidestreet. I thought, “Gee—what are the odds?” I had traveled less than a half mile at this point. As I continued my journey to the store, which is about 2 miles or less from the chiropractors, I saw yet ANOTHER white Volvo station wagon passing me in the opposite direction! As I was contemplating the oddity of seeing so many of these cars in such a short space of time, I had the thought, “I wonder if I’ll see anymore white Volvo station wagons while I’m out. If I do, I’ll consider it some sort of playful little tweak from Spirit.” (Of course, it was already feeling that way, so I was kind of challenging the Universe to create another one for me.) I reached the store, parked my car and went in, promptly forgetting the whole thing as I became absorbed in checking off my shopping list.

As I exited the store 45 minutes later, what should be right in front of me in the parking lot? Yep. A white Volvo station wagon! This was getting so absurd, I no longer had any doubt that this was a creation from the part of my Self that is omnipotent! I was laughing and crying with joy over getting to play this fun game. And, of course, I wondered if I had exhausted the supply of white Volvo station wagons in Southeast Denver yet. Just as I was thinking that I was pushing it to ask for another one, sure enough, a white Volvo station wagon pulled out from a side street and traveled behind me for a mile before I turned off on my street. But that’s not all—another white Volvo station wagon passed us in the opposite direction!!! SEVEN white Volvo station wagon sightings in about a one-mile radius of home in the space of an hour.

Now—you need to know that there are a lot of Volvo station-wagon-driving types in the Denver Metro, but not so many in our neighborhood. And never, EVER have I noticed so many of the same type vehicle in such a short space of time. Granted, some of the ones I sighted on the way home could possibly have been the same cars from the trip to the store, but how interesting that we would have intersected twice like that.


Even Rick is now spotting the white Volvo station wagons. The next day, when I never left the house, he came out of his office, and in the pickup zone at the entrance to his building was a woman waiting in a… white Volvo station wagon!

There’s even more to this Volvo station wagon story, but I will leave off here for now. What do I make of it? I think it’s just my invisible friends (me, at higher levels?!) teaching me the power of focus to create. I had the fleeting, but distinct feeling yesterday as I was out and about that everything I saw was, indeed, a hologram. That seemed empowering because if you see that it is something YOU are projecting, then you can choose what it is that you are projecting and perceiving.

And an update from the Wayne Dyer campaign—we now have gained almost 200 members to our mailing list, and we didn’t even require that people give us their emails to collect the main bonuses we offered. I love knowing that all those people are connecting and now have the opportunity to read and live Recreating Eden!

There are more exciting things to report, but I’ll close this entry for now and make another one SOON!


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Rick said:

Just a silly addition to Julia's Volvo story: on Friday, I noticed a black Volvo station wagon passing our house as I was beginning to back out to the street. As my day progressed, I saw a white one, a black one, and another white one on several short trips from my office. Each trip, one Volvo station wagon sighting.
When I got home, I told Julia about my checkered past (black, white, black, white...). She has this interesting technique when I am telling her these kinds of stories that involve my inner goofball, where she rolls her eyes to fully integrate the wisdom I am passing along. I'm sure that's what all that eye-rolling is about, aren't you?

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