iPods, angels, and true love

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I was planning to make this blog entry all about my new iPod Nano, and I am going to talk about it, but I am so powerfully struck by an encounter I just had, I must share it. First, a little background. I have a torn meniscus—or at least, that is the consensus opinion among my chiropractor and osteopath and me. I have not had an MRI—that may be down the road, but I'm looking to heal it naturally, which I shall pursue with passion when I get back from my travels.

I am getting reading to go to North Carolina to do a bunch of events (NC folks—I hope you’re planning to come! I want to see you!!!) Under the best of circumstances, travel has been physically challenging for me because of my funky joints, etc., but with the knee injury, and being able to only hobble much of the time, and getting extremely tired and sore when I walk any distance at all because of the odd way my body has to compensate for the knee stiffness, etc., I was allowing myself to become truly terrified about making this trip. And yes—I know that the airlines do offer assistance, but I somehow created a huge obstacle in my head to getting that to happen easily, and that was reflected by what a challenge it was to even get to the point of having the right phone number to call at Northwest Airlines. But I finally found it, worked my way through the robot answering gauntlet, and my call was answered by an angel.
This lady was SO nice and sympathetic—I said to her, “You are THE nicest airline person I’ve ever talked to!” (And I’ve had some pretty nice ones here and there—and some really NOT nice ones, too.) And we had a lovely conversation about knee injuries and back surgery (hers) and how you sometimes just need to ask for help. She not only has arranged for a wheelchair from curbside in Denver and wheelchairs all the way throughout the trip, she got me aisle seats toward the front of the plane so I wouldn’t have to walk far on the plane. Now, I know that this is probably standard procedure, but I felt soooooooo loved during this process, I was just about crying with joy by the end of it.

Does that kind lady know how her gentility and caring is impacting the world? In just this one circumstance alone, she has helped to renew my sense of being beloved in the Universe and being watched over by angels. Talk about a frequency raiser! Not to mention, that the service she arranged for me will make it so that I am not totally exhausted when I get to NC and that will help me keep my frequency high so that I meet and pull down and channel the higher frequency energy and information more powerfully in my talks and workshops and attunements—and how many people will that effect? And all she did was to meet my request with divine Love and caring. It is just such a powerful example for me of why such seemingly insignificant encounters are so important. If she’d decided she was having a bad day and the airline business sucked and she was just biding her time, etc., etc., etc., and had treated me with less Love and compassion, it could have gone so much differently.

I think I know why I created that encounter. First—I asked the Universe for help with the travel. But even more powerfully, I have really been focusing on “romancing my Spirit” over the last 12 hours. This was triggered by listening to my new iPod Nano. What an amazingly tiny but incredibly powerful little piece of technology! If you viewed it horizonally and compared it to the writing on this page, it is about as wide as 7 lines of 12 point type, about 52 characters long, and thinner than a pencil. I don’t know how much it weighs, but the .7 fluid ounce bottle of Wite-Out on my desk weighs about the same. I got it for my travels because I need an easy way to have the music for the workshops, etc. with me. (I can just hook it up to speakers.) Lugging a big ol’ boombox around was just not a great option.

Anyway, after loading the iPod, I was listening to some of my favorite music and as I often do, I was listening to the love songs in terms of me singing them to God, or vice versa, as the case may be. Talk about a frequency raiser! And I suddenly realized that I needed to think of God, my primary relationship, as my travel companion, and to trust that, just like Rick would if he were with me, that God would take care of every little need if I let “him.” (Appropriate to use “him” here, as I am perceiving God as the powerful masculine force in action-mode creating magic on my behalf.)

For more on this extremely empowering approach to your relationship with your God-Realized Self, and how to experience the Love you’ve always longed for (and create human relationships that are mirrors of this most important Love relationship) be sure to attend my May 23 free teleseminar, “Romancing Your Spirit.” I’m soooooo psyched for it!

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