And these knees are happy knees

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Here I am again, needing to blog, and not finding anything much to say…
Let’s see. I could tell you that I have been focused on healing my knee—or, rather, knees (since my left knee has been valiantly doing the work of 2 knees and has been none-too-happy with that). Being less than perfectly mobile has been an interesting challenge, but I am determined to be bouncing around again, despite the occasional slip into fears about future lack of mobility. My friend, Andrena, says she thinks the problem is related to fears about moving forward with my career, which is something I have suspected as well. If you read my last blog entry, that probably wouldn’t be a big surprise. I probably need to have an on purpose fear-fest to let my ego express all it needs to on the scary stuff. Simply pasting a happy face on the situation is not proving to be all that effective. I am glad to report that my knees have, indeed, been getting better--just not as rapidly as I would like. I think the fear factor is key...

I’ve been listening to a healing CD (Summer McStravick's Flowdreaming for Perfect Mental and Physical Health), and I do have a healing song I’ve been singing that is keeping me in the healing zone. It’s based on a song I learned at the Southeastern Spiritual Conference. I think Laraaji originated it. My version of it goes,

I’ve got the healing in my knees
I’ve got the healing in my knees
And these knees are happy knees
These little knees are happy knees

I could tell you about how I’ve been going back and forth, trying to decide whether to seek a publisher for my next book, or whether to publish it myself (or, rather, ourselves, since Rick is a key part of New Realities Publishing). Just when I had pretty much decided we’d just do it ourselves to avoid having to jump through hoops, Andrena (who is very psychic—she predicted what happened in New Orleans 4 months beforehand), says she sees me getting an agent and publisher because things are breaking loose in a big way for me and I will be too busy to deal with all that stuff. So now I’m working on a book proposal, which is a huge project. I still haven’t decided for sure whether I’ll look for an agent and seek a major publisher, but the proposal will be helpful either way. It helps me focus.

Oh! I thought of something else to share—my latest vibrational frequency measurement. Dr. Stimson measured it at 1040 on Friday. According to David Hawkins’ first theory, 1000 is avatar-hood. But I am far from walking on water. Dr. S.—who has been helping me with my knee issues—and I joked that if I keep going up, I won’t have to be able to walk—I can just float around…that would be nice! The floating—not the not being able to walk! Of course, Hawkins revised the number for avatar upward to 1500, which is comforting, since it’s a bit much pressure to think I’m supposed to be there already as I’m still enjoying Sex and the City reruns and other such…um…grounding things.

And, Stepdaughter #3 returns from Paris tomorrow! I will be very happy to have her here, but we’ve been emailing so much that I feel closer to her than ever! Now that she won’t have her Paris adventures to report, I don’t know if we’ll be in such close communication. But we have plans to go to a nearby tearoom and to lunch and such, so I will trust that it will be just great!

Okay. So it turns out I did have some things to share.


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Deborah said:

I love visiting your site as I always pick up a tidbit, or arrow, to something else interesting and informative.
While looking up Hawkins theory, I came across this site which you have probably already seen,
BTW, speaking of synchronicity, I, too, have serious knee problems-with my left knee! Ongoing for many years, many injuries, but I am still walking for now w/o surgery. One of my ritualistic things to be thankful for each morning!

Tetje said:

Dear Julia,
Thank you for responding on the forum to Rowina's ""I am lost, ouch..."" You taking the time to give the link to your ""what to do when your ""stuff"" comes up"" really hit home for me. Last week I twisted and turned my right ankle in an anatomically incorrect matter so I am like a Skippy in bandage now. It is healing good. It was absolutely my ego that made me turn and myself that gave me my biggest fear attac in a deep manner after I communicated with a stranger. Big Fear (enormous energy..I was shaking all over?)
made it hard to keep the positive light come in and LOA wise I really had to focus off my anxiety and on all the good thats in my life right now.
Thank you for what you have written/published and alowing the right time to show your writings.
Best of healing on your knee,

Julia said:

Hi, Deborah~
I had not seen that site--interested to see the Denver water ""crystal"" or non-crystal as the case may be! I don't drink the stuff, but I do shower in it. I'm blessing my shower nozzle now!
Hi, Tetje~
Glad to be of assistance! I guess fear is at the root of all injuries, eh? Different expressions of it, but clearly, when we hurt ourselves, we are out of harmony!
Glad you found your way here, Tetje!
In Joy,

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