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Rick and I had a movie date this afternoon for Dan Millman’s Peaceful Warrior. To tell you the truth, I was more excited about the opportunity to consume the rarely indulged-in popcorn and Coke that I only allow myself when I’m at the movies. (We don’t go that often!) But as it turned out, the movie was great! Sure, like the critics said, it was a little cheesy and predictable in places, but all in all, it was truly inspiring and well-acted. (The popcorn was pretty good too, if a bit salty—Rick’s choice.)

Unlike most of my tribe, I never read Dan’s perennially popular book. I just wasn’t ever attracted to it. So I was not comparing, which was something of a blessing. Rick had read the book, and is often the way with that sequence of events (book first, movie second) he found the movie did not measure up. But he was into it nonetheless.

When I checked for the reviews of it last week, I believe it said that about 8% of the critics liked it, and the rest panned it. Why I let that prejudice me is a mystery! As I sat there watching what turned out to be a much better piece of work than I had expected, and a truly compelling story, it occurred to me that 8% was about the logical percentage, since in the world of movie critics (can you think of an industry that is much more duality-based?!), there are probably less than 8% who are of a metaphysical inclination. So, 8% is probably an encouraging number from that crowd! (I am fully aware that I’m being highly judgmental in even talking about this!)

If you have a chance to go see the movie, I’d encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity, as it is not in wide distribution yet, and will have a better chance at “flying” if the box office numbers are decent. It’s definitely the kind of movie that delivers a message in a package that will be palatable to a lot of people who might not ordinarily be exposed to such concepts. It’s the kind of movie I belive we could definitely use more of. While it may not be an Academy Award-winning production, it is of a vibrational level that can offset a lot of the typical Hollywood sex and violence films, and bring some balance to what is available.

The movie inspired me in an unexpected way. Watching “Dan” (the character, that is) go from having a shattered leg to being reinstated as a member of the UC Berkeley gymnastics team, was a big cosmic wink to me, who has been challenged to get focused on healing her knee. Interestingly—and now, this could have been the popcorn and Coke (wink, wink)—my knee has been feeling quite a bit better since the movie. For the last few days, I’ve been saying the mantra, “I am a healing marvel!” That, and the visualizations I’ve been doing accompanied by my joy music, seem to be working!

Oh--and an interesting thing happened right after the movie. I hobbled to the ladies room to join the crowd that was waiting for turns, and a woman turned to me and said, "Wow--wasn't that great?!" And I replied, "Yes! It inspired me to get this knee healed up!" And she said, "Oh--you know--you really can! Just speak it and it is done!" To which I replied with conviction, looking her square in the eyes, "I know." Undeterred, she continued to share metaphysical truths with me, and my ego wanted to jump in and say, "I KNOW!!! I AM A SPIRITUAL TEACHER WHOSE WHOLE AWAKENING STARTED WITH A MIRACULOUS HEALING AND I WROTE A BOOK BASED ON THAT!" But thankfully, my Wise Self jumped in front of my ego and just let it go as she went on talking to me as if I had never considered metaphysics before. That I could let that be just fine felt really great! Ah...spiritual maturity.

I’m in the process of finishing up the Summer 2006 newsletter which I’m planning to send out Tuesday with a reminder of July’s free teleseminar, “Joy: Priority One,” which will be held that night (July 11). If you’re not yet on my mailing list, you’ll want to get on it so you can get the access info. for the teleseminar, which will be in the email version of the newsletter. To get on my list, just go to

And go see Peaceful Warrior. I think you’ll be glad you did!

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