Joy: Priority One

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Before I get going, here is the link to the Introduction to Recreating Eden that I promised the people in tonight’s teleseminar. It's a great overview of the book:


What a great, high-frequency day! I gave my free teleseminar tonight—the first one since May (June was just tooooooo busy), and I had such a lovely day in preparation. The name of the seminar was “Joy: Priority One,” and that is just what my priority of the day was. I spent part of the afternoon clearing stuff—even though I could not put a label on it, I felt something depressing my frequency just a little, so, instead of going straight to the joy music, I put on Ashes and allowed myself to cry.

I was able to get in touch with more grief about letting go of the physical embodiment of my mother, who made her transition into Light a year ago April. So I let myself cry as much as I needed to about that. Oh, yeah--just before I got to the layer of stuff that needed to be released, I found this in my notebook, “When you cry, you are grieving your lost alignment with your Spirit. With every tear, you clear the path back to your Self.” So every time my ego wanted to judge with such statements as “You don’t have time for this!” “Shouldn’t you be past this by now?” and on and on, I would just know that if there were tears still ready to flow, they were clearing the pipe so that I could really move some energy for my own healing, as well as in service to those who showed up on the call tonight .

You might be thinking, “Wait a minute—I thought she said today was about joy but she’s just talking about crying and grief and stuff.” I did the purposeful releasing because I had the intention of going to the joy space. I knew if I moved any old, stored energy out of the way, I could go there more easily, and stay there longer. And it worked! By the time Ashes was over, I was feeling really joyful, and by the time Earth Wind & Fire started playing, I was over the moon!

We had a great crowd for the teleseminar. I invited people on The Secret forum at Powerful Intentions and it was fun to have new folks on the call. Delores and Janice from my fabulous class at the Southeastern Spiritual Conference were present also, which I loved. And we had a lot of great questions. I do love the questions! I managed to cram an awful lot into what amounted to about an hour and fifteen minutes, and it seemed that everyone was able to keep up. I am love, love, loving these new times of higher frequency and having more and more people showing up for the classes who are able to fly with me!
The Summer 2006 newsletter made its first appearance today. I’m really happy with it and I've gotten lots of great feedback on it, too. If you haven’t already, do check it out. And be sure to put your name on my email list—that way, you’ll get the access info for the free teleseminars and the quarterly newsletter. You’ll be glad you did—and so will I!

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Deborah Daniels said:

Just read your newsletter. ""The 10 signs you've raised your frequency"" was just the affirmation I needed that I have actually progressed in my return journey to my place of peace, joy, and tranquility(home). Thank you so much.

Julia said:

Hi, Deborah~
Glad you stopped by and happy to know that the article from the Summer 2006 Rising Times was just the ticket for you!
Visit often!
Love and Joy,

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