Group Attunement...almost!

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Sigh…Tonight was designated for the first-ever Group Attunement session. But it was not meant to be. I made a technical error, and everyone received an access code that had one digit missing!

How I discovered it was that I called in right on the hour, and was the first one there. At 3 minutes after the hour, I was still the only one there. These people had paid to be there, so I was very suspicious! I sent an instant message to Rick, who was in the basement, and he figured it out. He immediately sent the correct access code to everyone who was supposed to be on the call, and four of the six who were registered made it onto the line eventually. We actually had a fun chat and arranged to move the session to next Monday night.

I know it was all in Divine Order, but it was still a bit of a challenge to shake off. To my credit, I only spent a few seconds being upset with myself (yes, I know—it will be a great thing when I can be totally cool with whatever happens!). It was a bit of a disappointment though. I had been really psyched up to do the session. I had spent the afternoon preparing by looking over the group’s questions and by raising my frequency, and I was excited about the challenge, so it was somewhat of a let down. Happily, I found myself giving a spontaneous mini-seminar to those on the line, and that felt good because it was a release for some of the pent up energy! It was really actually a benefit to be able to visit with those who made it tonight—everyone was so nice, it put my performance anxiety to rest. I know I’ll love next Monday night!

Now, for a topic change. This weekend, I spent nursing my knees—last week, my left knee finally got fed up with taking the load for my right knee, and swelled up like an elephant’s. So I couldn’t count on either knee to support me reliably. And yes—it really scared me. Thursday was when this started coming to a head, and I realized that I really needed to surrender and listen very carefully to instructions from my Self about what to do. That night, I called out for assistance, did my surrender ritual, and felt an inner shift.

Friday, I had the intuition to email a friend who is an acupuncturist (she’s the wife of my ex-husband and SUCH a neat lady!), and describe my symptoms to her to see if she thought acupuncture would be helpful. She said they sounded like symptoms of a long-term kidney problem (kidneys and knees are the same meridian, I think), asked me a bunch of questions, including if I consume caffeine. I immediately sensed this was a big part of the problem. While I have been a drinking decaf latte in the mornings, I have been drinking 2 big mugs of full-caffeine English tea in the afternoons. Only a minute or so after I read her message, I went to the Recreating Eden listing on Amazon, and there was a new review, by someone I’d never heard of—but she was the author of a book exposing the dangers of caffeine! So I took this as a Spirit wink. Without going into detail now, I got a lot of signs that I was on the right track and that my prayers were answered. As always! Thankfully, this time, I created a clear pathway for the answers to make their way through and was paying close attention. I felt really confident for the first time since this knee business started almost a year ago, and no longer terrified.

Needless to say, I have been drinking herbal tea and doing everything I can think of to support my kidneys, and…the swelling has gone down and I can walk again without fear of my knees buckling. I will be looking into all kinds of things, including diet changes (I’m sure I’ll be blogging about that—it’s a recurring theme in my life). The other thing I did Friday night was to call and see if I could claim the session with Master Chunyi Lin (Spring Forest Qigong) that I was promised in exchange for helping promote his book, Born A Healer (see below) back in the winter. My contact is arranging that now. So I’m hoping to have a phone session with him very soon. Interestingly, the 1st two people who came on the line tonight for our aborted attunement session were familiar with Chunyi—one of them has studied with him personally! They said he was amazing. Connections everywhere…

Well—I’m running out of steam so I’ll sign off now. More soon! Oh yeahmy new affirmation is "I have healthy kidneys and I have kid's knees."


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