That was FAST! And easy! The Universe's next-day delivery service"

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Okay. Something really cool just happened. First, let me set the stage...

You may remember that I was one of the teachers who participated in the bestseller campaign for Wayne Dyer's book, Inspiration, offering a bonus gift in support of people being motivated to buy his book to make it a bestseller on Amazon, BN, etc.

I was very excited to have been asked to do it, but afterward, I said to the Universe, "that's enough campaigns for awhile," because I had done several fairly close together, and when you do them, not only do you need to come up with a bonus to give away, and create special web pages for the campaign, you are asked to send out a message about the book to your list to encourage them to buy the book on that day. I'm very protective of my list, and don't like to send out lots of emails. I know I don't like getting continuous bombardments from the lists I'm on!

Sooooo...since February, no invitations to participate in bestseller campaigns have come to me, though there have been several that I might have expected, based on past experience, to have been included in. The Universe apparently heard me! Part of me was relieved, but part of me was starting to feel left out! Not to mention, having your name and a link to your website sent to millions of people who are into what you're teaching is a really great help in attracting people to your work.

So last night, I said to the Universe, "I'm ready to participate in another campaign if it's in Divine Order."

Tonight, "out of the blue," I got a message from Peggy McColl, the honcho of bestseller campaigns, saying "Gary Renard has put out a new book and Hay House has hired me to do a huge campaign for it and since you were instrumental in his first campaign, I thought you might like to participate in this one."

Do you LOVE it?! Goosebumps on goosebumps! I guess it's in Divine Order! And yes--I told her to count me in!

Doin' the happy Snoopy dance here...

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Amit said:

hehe, I just saw this on PI and posted a response on there!
That was super quick!

Julia said:

Hi, Amit~
I just replied to you on PI, too! ;-)
You're right--it WAS fast!
I think the speed was because I was quite detached from it. I had a passionate thought and let it go and was busy having fun writing and such and didn't even think of it again till I got the message from Peggy.
I truly think it's just that easy. You know, it seems way easier for me when it comes to mission-related things because I seem to have an easier time believing that the Universe is lining up to promote my message than to give me a new car or something! Silly--because Universal Forces care not one iota either way--it's a matter of my own internal sense of priorities lining up with my vibration, I guess.
Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by!
Love and Joy,

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