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Today, over on the PI forum, someone asked about the power of getting really pissed off to release resistance to manifesting and I was inspired to tell my juicer story. So I'm posting it here for your enjoyment!

I wanted a centrifugal juicer for years and years. Ever since I had been at a natural healing clinic in Zurich and had fresh juices, I had thought "a juicer is for me!" But the kind I wanted was very expensive--$300--and, while floundering around trying to answer my inner calling and not making a whole lot of money, I never could seem to prioritize getting a juicer.

One day. after years of thinking how a juicer would be the answer to many health issues, but still not manifesting the juicer, I just got totally pissed off at the absurdity of wanting a $300 thing that would be so good for me and not being able to manifest it. At this point, I was still thinking that some higher power had to give it to me, and didn't realize that *I* was putting up a wall of resistance around it with my ideas of how it had to come to me.

So...I was out in nature, by a lake, and I yelled "THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD IT!!! IT'S PUT UP OR SHUT UP TIME!!! EITHER GIVE ME THE (expletives) JUICER WITHIN A WEEK, OR TAKE AWAY MY DESIRE FOR ONE!" It felt really good to release that way.

At the time, I was living at my parents' home while I was writing my book, and my dad was having really bad allergy problems. When I had been in the health food store a few days before my "yelling at the Universe" moment, I had seen a little $2 booklet on allergies, so I bought it for him--I never looked at it myself--just handed it to him. When I got home from the lake that afternoon and walked in the door, he had the booklet in hand and said, "You know--this makes really good sense. They say to cleanse your liver and to use fresh juices. Where can we get a vegetable juicer? They recommend something called a centrifugal juicer."

To say I was stunned was an understatement. By week's end, there was a brand new $300 Acme juicer on the kitchen counter. Dad's romance with it fizzled quickly when he realized that juicing didn't exactly compensate for his other habits he wasn't ready to let go of. (He was making vegetable juice to use in a Bloody Mary!) *I,* of course was the one that used the juicer. When I moved out a couple of years later, I asked him if I could take the juicer, and he had forgotten he had even bought it! He said, "I thought it was yours--take it!"

Anyway, that's the story of my getting fed up, yelling at the powers that be and letting go. And receiving! Whatever it takes to get out of the way. (grin)


The really ironic part is that I rarely use the juicer I was so desperate for then! I used it quite abit for several years, but my current kitchen is too small to keep it out on the counter all the time. HOWEVER, after reviewing this story, it occurred to me that it is time to juice again. I bought organic beets and carrots the other day to juice and just hadn't made time for it yet. So, I'm off to juice right now! AND, it also occurred to me that I need to use my "get pissed" technique to break through whatever resistance is holding my new, bigger kitchen with room to leave the juicer out on the counter at a distance!

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Deborah said:

Great story! Amazing how manifestation works,isn't it? Still confounds me and I have yet to learn how to truly channel my wants/desires/needs into the manifest realm.
On another note, since you indicated that you have contacts in LA, please spread this to them, please? The LA State Library is having its annual BookFest and is still looking for volunteers, here is the contact and event info:
Janice Beatty Day (Jan)
Thanks bunches. :)

Deborah said:

Thanks for your newlsetter! Great stuff.
Did you ever read ""Das Energi"" by Paul Williams? I kept a copy of that book with me for over 30 yrs and used to give them as gifts. Now I don't even have one myself, but your words reminded me of that book:

Andrena said:

Hi Julia:
Regarding your comment about that bigger Kitchen. I told you it is time for a change so I hope you are working on that!!
Love and blessings,

Julia said:

Hi, Deborah~
I have never read Das Energi--I've heard of it forever, but never encountered it. It looks interesting--I'll check the library for it!
In Joy,

Julia said:

Hi, Andrena~
I'm trusting that the bigger kitchen is showing up in Divine timing. Right now, having a ""step-saver kitchen"" is serving me pretty well--but as my knees continue to heal, I'll be ready for something bigger for sure!
Love and Joy,

Amit said:

Hey Julia! :)
Fantastic story and a great way of using your emotions to get what you want! I felt very similar and in many ways, it's not anger, it's determination for change!!
Mwah xx

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