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Since we got snowed out of going to view the aspens Friday, Sept. 22 when we had originally planned to go (it didn’t snow in Denver, just in the mountains), I was seized with the notion to see if Rick could take the afternoon off to go this past Friday, even though I figured the leaves must have gotten mostly knocked off the trees with the snow. Well, he could, we did, and I was wrong! Wrong about the leaves being knocked off, anyway. My instinct to go to the mountains that day was right on!

As it turned out, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and the leaves were at peak on most of the route we usually take over Squaw Pass from Evergreen to Idaho Springs. In fact, I think that even if the weather had been right to go the week before, the leaves would have been less spectacular. Not to mention, I ended up being buried in newsletter prep last Friday. Divine Order, again. Here's a sample of what we saw:

Once again, I was struck by how fortunate we are to live so close to such dramatic beauty. I confess that I often let wishing it made sense for us to live in the mountains overshadow the benefits of living close to them. As long as there are Hamrick girls in need of rides and such, it is only reasonable to live in close proximity to where they live, not to mention, to Rick’s office. I can’t say that if I lived in the mountains, I’d grow to take them for granted. No—that’s unlikely. But, this way, I can have a fabulous garden without needing to deer-proof it, AND I can go to the mountains and be thrilled by them whenever the urge strikes. All bets are off as far as where we live when all the girls have flown the nest!

Tomorrow night (Oct. 2) is the second group attunement session. Due to a snafu, we had to reschedule the first one for last Monday night, and it was awesome. You know I love doing attunements, anyway, but it was really neat to have the group energy to support me while I tuned into Divine Wisdom and addressed people’s questions/issues. Everyone who was on the call was really thrilled with the session, which, of course, was wonderful for me to hear since it was the first one and I had gone into it wondering how it would be. (Silly ego—I had been powerfully guided to institute the group attunements—why would I worry?!) Tomorrow night is the second session and we still have openings, so if you are interested in getting some Light shined upon something in your life, not to mention, a blast of powerful, transformational energy, you might want to join in. Here’s a link to find out more.: http://www.recreating-eden.com/attunements_group.html

And speaking of ego, remember that I’m giving a free teleseminar Tuesday called “Ego 101: What Your Ego Would Rather You Not Know.” I hope you’ll be on the call!

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Amy said:

Hi Julia!
Hi, it's Amy in Colorado from the PowerfulIntentions website.
We took a drive to Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday to see the Aspens. It was awesome and so beautiful. The warm weather and bright skies added to the beauty. I know what you mean when you want to be even closer to the mountains. For now, I will be in gratitude that I can drive for a short time and be in the middle of paradise.

Julia said:

Hi, Amy!
I love Rocky Mtn. National Park! We didn't make the time to go this year, but it's always on the list.
Glad you stopped by and said hello!
In Joy,

Nellie said:

Dearest Julia,
Today I just found your site and this blog, and spent the majority of my day reading all of it. I am Nellie and I was born in Russia, now I reside in Denver. Also like you I am a dreamer-mystic-world-saver Pisces with Sagitarius Ascended and Gemini moon. I found a lot of answers and more questions while reading your blogs. You have such a deep and beautiful spirit, which touched me in ways that is so hard to express in words. Thank you for inspiring me today. Looking forward to get to know you better and deeper my friend.
Love and Light,

Julia said:

Hi, Nellie!
I'm so happy to meet you! Anyone that would spend most of a day reading my blog must be on the same wavelength!!!
Thank you so much for your beautiful words of appreciation. If my writing could serve you in any way, I am thrilled.
I'll enjoy getting to know you as well! Maybe our paths will cross in the real world...
Love and Joy,

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