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Someone said to me, “I really enjoy reading your blog, but I don’t know how you can be so publicly vulnerable. I would be afraid to do that.”

Let’s look at this concept of vulnerability. Here are the two main definitions offered by, Merriam-Webster’s web presence:

1 : capable of being physically or emotionally wounded
2 : open to attack or damage : assailable <vulnerable to criticism>

These are definitely ego-based, duality matrix definitions! Semantics, semantics. I define vulnerability as openness and trust. Yes—I do expose my feelings and foibles, and to the ego, that spells danger. Actually, when I let you in on what is going on with me—what I’m experiencing emotionally, exposing my humanness and imperfections—and allow people I don’t know personally to see beyond my façade, what I’m doing is:

a) following the energetic promptings that propel me to share
b) telling the truth and being authentic
c) having faith that I am sheltered vibrationally—that those who are drawn to my blog—to my energy—will naturally, by the Law of Attraction, feel kindly toward me

When I share my inner workings with you, I feel in alignment and empowered! I can tell that I’m in Prime Matrix then, the realm of ease, joy, and peace. What may look to some as putting myself in a position of weakness, is really a position of empowerment. The most powerful “place” of all is that space of being centered in your heart, in alignment with Source, being your authentic Self, and having faith in that. It is also the only truly safe place.

Contrary to what ego would have us believe, real power and safety is not found its protective maneuvers—it’s found in being real and wholeheartedly trusting in Spirit to guide us and in receiving this guidance through paying attention to the energy and how it feels. If it feels joyful, you're in Prime Matrix; when it's fear-inducing, you're in the duality matrix. So, the Webster’s definition of vulnerability occurs when you’re listening to your ego’s fears. My definition is when you’re attuned to your Spirit’s guidance and messages of Love and joy and doing what you’re naturally energized to do, no matter what your ego thinks.

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