Conversations With God

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Rick and I went to see Conversations With God (the movie) this afternoon. As luck would have it, the only theater in the Denver Metro area where it is currently showing is the closest theater to our house. Loved that!

The movie was beautifully done. The actor, Henry Czerny, who played Neale was absolutely perfect for the role. I don’t know Neale Donald Walsch personally, but I have been in reasonably close proximity to him at a spiritual conference I helped out with, and Czerny captured his interesting mixture of intensity and gentility. Not to mention, he has a similar look to Neale. Whoever cast him did a great job.

There were a couple of spots where the movie dragged just a little, but for the most part, it was a riveting story that felt very true and heart-filled. DO go see it. I believe you will find it as uplifting and inspiring as Rick and I did.

I must confess that I used to envy Neale. I remember vividly the day back in 1996 when I was browsing the local bookstore in my small North Carolina hometown and saw Conversations With God prominently displayed. A wave of jealously overcame me. I felt I had been beaten to the punch. I was in the midst of writing Recreating Eden, having intense and amazing sessions of God-channeling myself, and I wanted to scream, “I converse with God! My conversations with God ought to be here!” Not my finest moment. Fortunately, I kept my scream to myself.

Now it is so clear to me that Neale’s purpose was to awaken people in the mid-1990s (and beyond), and that my time is now. I wasn’t ready then—witness the envy and jealousy! (I once heard Julia Cameron say in an audio program based on The Artist’s Way, that who you envy is a clue as to what you are designed to do—I definitely resonated with that!) Neale Donald Walsch is a trail blazer and his work created an opening and a wider audience for me and for other teachers who are moving into our greatest effectiveness now. Divine Timing is absolutely perfect!

It is pretty hard to sustain envy for someone who had to get as far down and out as Neale did before he was ready to awaken and share his message. If you don’t know about his fascinating journey to where he is now, just go see the movie! It will inspire you.

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Great review Julia! :)

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