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We had a huge crowd for the teleseminar tonight—the most ever. And I was really bringing through a lot of energy—love that! The more energy I bring through, the higher my vibrational frequency and the more I perceive and the more joy I feel. I really adore doing those. Yep—those and attunements and classes and writing. They're perfect matches for me if my emotional indicators are accurate—and I’m quite sure they are! It feels SO good when you do what you are designed to do—OR, from another angle (the angle where you’re God pretending to be human), what you have designed for yourself to do!

It really has been driven home to me powerfully the last few days that our emotional guidance system is so perfect—so simple and elegant. If something triggers you to feel joy, it’s clear it’s in alignment for you. When you feel joy, it means you are at higher vibrational frequency. Being at higher vibrational frequency means you’re allowing more Life Force to flow—it means you’re IN the flow! It means you are coordinating with the Divine Design for your life—the one your Self is administering from above the magnetic gap—the “veil”—that is separating you from your God-Knowingness. When you feel anything less than joy, it means you’re not in the flow, so make a tactical change and do what brings you into the flow again! Such a simple concept, and not new, yet I am seeing it more vividly.

The other biggie is that I have realized that God is Love. I bet you’ve heard that before. But it has gone “ka-chunk!” in my consciousness and plugged into the model of the Whole that is being constructed in my understanding. Why is this common sentiment sending waves of change throughout my being? Because I am seeing so clearly that all the God qualities like wisdom, creativity, self-realization and real power are ours to the degree that we not only radiate Love, but that we are Love (this is always true) and know we are Love (this is something that is evolving to be true). Radiating Love raises our vibrational frequency. Our consciousnessour God-Knowingnessis commensurate with our level of frequency. When we are fully aligned with Source/God/Love, we have it all. And all we have to do is allow it! We simply need to allow the Love that we are to drive our experience of life and the rest takes care of itself. What a perfect system!

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