I AM A Blessing

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Here is a mini-poster I made of a decree with which to start my day, and I thought you might like to use it as well.

I, and others I've shared it with, have noticed that just reading it raises your vibration. I have mine stuck to my bathroom mirror, and read it thoughtfully as I brush my teeth in the morning. It really does seem to make a difference in bringing me into alignment!

The image below is a jpeg I made of it, but here's a link to the PDF of it if you'd like to print it out (it's optimally sized at 8.5x11")


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Andrena said:

I am printing this as I write this message. It is going right by my computer in my office.
Thanks for everything!

Julia said:

Oh, goody, Andrena! I'm so happy you're feelin' it!!!

Andrea said:

Julia, YOU are a blessing! I am so grateful for the amazing response to my post on The Secret forum. ""The real security is having complete and utter faith in the universe...""
I printed that out, just as I printed this out. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Julia said:

Why, thank you, Andrea! So happy to be of service. I appreciate your telling me that I was!
Love and Joy,

Julia said:

A double thank you, Andrea, for mentioning that post to The Secret Forum!
I just went and found it and copied my comments to a file I keep of ideas for new articles. I think I will expand on what I said to you and turn it into an article! I'm sure lots of people could stand to hear that--I know *I* sure could from time to time!!!
So--you've inspired me! I appreciate that!

Lily said:

I've just copied this out for my friendslist at livejournal.com - I felt I had to share them!
I don't remember how I found you, but I just wanted to say that I feel you are destined for something really great, like your book is going to be a huge bestseller. And, well, I know anyway that you are going to affect millions, like little ripples of consciousness that just change everything.
Best of luck with everything, Julia. You have great energy!

Julia said:

Wow, Lily! What a lovely thing to say!
Thanks for sharing the Blessing decree--I am happy to think of it ""getting around.""
You obviously have great energy, too. And, hopefully, great psychic powers! (grin)
Love and Joy,

Amit said:

Hey Julia,
That's a great poster, I will be printing it out and posting it up at home! :) Thank you!
Amit xx

Zannie said:

this is lovely, in fact i feel very soothed just reading it..and I love the curly Ts too
bless you

Julia said:

Hi, Amit~
I missed your message till now! As always, I appreciate your appreciation!
Hi, Zannie~
So happy you can feel the energy in it! I can tell a difference when I forget to read over it in the mornings. The day just flows better when I use it to attune!
Thanks for stopping by!
Love and Joy,

Ayleen said:

Dear Julia,
Thank you so much for this ""blessing"". My frequency rose just from reading it.
With Love,

Julia said:

Dear Ayleen~
That's great!
You're so welcome. I love sharing.
Love and Joy,

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