I live a magical life

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Last night, I was on a conference call with an amazing woman who made the statement "I live a magical life." I immediately thought, "I love that! *I* want to live a magical life!" And my next thought was, "I DO live a magical life!" and I started naming experiences that proved that to be true. And I started really feeling it: I live a magical life!

Today, looking at the little banner I made and taped to my desk that says "I live a magical life," I thought again of the things that prove that I do. (Now--these are not all large, dramatic things--magic can be just as profound and impressive when it's a seemingly small occurrence.)

Then, I thought--wow! When I look at that and it triggers those thoughts, I'm focusing on and reinforcing having a magical life! What if I did that with other statements? So I wrote out the statements below, and plan to use them the same way. For every statement, I'm going to come up with "proof" that they're true.

So here's the list. (Add your own to it!) Can you prove these statements true in your life by citing examples? No proof is too "insignificant." Remember, you're out to prove these to be true, by whatever means you can, not prove they're false!

I live a magical life.

I live an abundant life.

I live a joyful life.

I live a purposeful life.

I live an adventurous life.

I live a love-filled life.

I live an inspired life.

Someone on The Secret Forum where I posted this today added “I live a prosperous life”—I hadn’t included that because I thought it was probably covered by “I live an abundant life,” but I can see where it might elicit different “proof” from some folks. Anyway, it’s your game and you can play it however you want! Have fun with this!

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Deborah said:

I rely on using daily affirmations (I'll have to add these to my list) to keep myself functioning and believe in the power of metaphysics, but when things get hectic or negative, I find the old ""tapes"" begin to creep into my subconcious. Then I do something foolish and call someone who sprays me with invalidating expressions. It takes a day or so to recover, but that is progress since it used to take much longer.
I tried to post an article about invalidating expressions here, but a message came up and said there a system error. Maybe the article was too long. I'd like to send it to you, maybe not to post, but to help some of us see ""triggers"" in our conversations with others, be it from us or them, that create a negative, destructive flow.

Julia said:

Hi, Deborah~
Glad you stopped by!
This blog software seems to have some little glitches that pop up now and then, and the best thing to do when that happens is re-try.
I will say, however, that simply paying attention to the conversation in your mind and being able to recognize when your ego has taken the wheel is hugely empowering. I don't think we necessarily need a list of specific expressions--something more to learn from an external source--but rather we need learn to sense the rising and falling of the vibrational frequency/energy flow in our bodies and make the choice to realign when we feel ourselves out of alignment and out of The Flow.
When you feel open and light and free, The Flow is flowing without impedance by your ego and you know you are in alignment. When you feel heavy and dense and your solar plexus seems closed off, you know your ego has grabbed the wheel.
If you'll just then notice the unloving, limited thoughts that are in your mind and make the choice to think thoughts that are in alignment with the truth that you know--that you are Love in embodiment--and to act accordingly, you will move back into The Flow.
I will post my new mini-poster called ""Today, I AM a Blessing"" soon. It's a great tool for realigning at the start of the day to set the tone for the rest of the day.
Love and Joy,

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