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I woke up this morning (Wednesday) wishing that Rick hadn’t gone to the office with a blizzard picking up strength outside. Knowing it was on the way, we had discussed it last night and he had said he’d be going in to work. But when I got up, he was still home! He’d been all ready to leave for the office when a co-worker called to say they were going to be closing, so he just stayed home. How thrilled I was to find that out! I not only wanted him home to be with me to ride out the storm, I didn’t want to be tempted to worry about him out on the roads. It was lovely to know he was all safe and warm with me.

While my intention is to let go of worrying altogether, I am not yet beyond worrying about some stuff! You’ve probably heard the expression “Worry is a prayer to the wrong god,” I prefer “Worry is an affirmation of what you DON’T want”! My new technique is, when I catch myself saying “What if (this, that, or the other undesirable thing) happens,” to switch instead to “What if everything goes beautifully?” “What if not only all is well, but a wonderful, fabulous outcome is going to come from this?” Yes—I love the “What if?” game when you turn it around from worry to imagining the wonderful things that can happen!

I’ve also been trying on something else today. I’ve been telling myself that “Everything always arranges itself to my benefit.” I figure if I adopt that as a mindset, it ought be quite powerful!

Anyway, it’s been quite the storm. Denver International Airport is closed (I’m SO glad my dad came early in the month!), and there have been many motorists stranded—they called out the National Guard to rescue people from Highway 36 between Boulder and Denver. I wish you could see our yard right now—the snow is drifted into some really bizarre formations. The photo below is out our front door across the porch late this afternoon, and it’s been snowing steadily since. Isn't the overhanging snow wondrous? It finally gave way and fell, but it was something to see!

I’ll probably take another picture when it’s daylight again and post it so you can see the “progress.” It is predicted that the snow will keep falling till early evening tomorrow. Fortunately, we have lots of food and no need to go anywhere. Rick has already planned to stay home from work again. Thank heavens for computers! Telecommuting is a real blessing at times like this. I have lots of blessings to be thankful for tonight. Lots.

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Sibylle said:

Hey Julia,
ooooh - snow! Reading this and looking at the pic of all that snow feels bizarre from here - in Ireland, people get all excited when it snows even once a year and the snow actually stays for a few hours, haha!
I'm glad you're cosy and warm. Isn't it nice of life to keep your beloved home with you for a couple of days? I'll raise a mug of steaming mulled wine to you today.
Oh, and: happy Solstice! :-)

Julia said:

Happy Solstice to you, Sibylle!
I grew up in the Southeastern US and like you describe in Ireland, snow there is a big deal. A snowflake falls and everything comes to a screeching halt!
It has indeed been lovely to have these extra days with Rick home--thanks, Ma Nature! He'll be home next week on vacation, too.
A steaming mug of mulled wine sounds delightful. I might have to get some mulling spices...when I can get to the grocery store once again!
Glad you stopped by.
Love and Joy,

Deborah said:

Thanks for sharing a piece of your life. Even though we haven't met, I stop by here for a pick me up when I am feeling wobbly. Ditto on the mulled wine or cider!
In the spirit of the season, warm wishes to you and your family.

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