Getting back to mySelf again

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Dad left yesterday and I’ve been recovering. It was a great visit—everyone on their best behavior—and Rick was extra helpful and I’m sooooooo grateful for that. But it left me exhausted and fuzzy-headed! Have you ever noticed that it’s the very most challenging to be your evolved self in the midst of the family-of-origin dynamic? I will not go into details, but suffice it to say that I was really wrapped tight with all the things I was being vigilant about, and I’m very glad to be getting back to normal and higher in vibration again! I wouldn’t trade that visit for the world, but I need to get back to mySelf again.

As an aside, I’m sure Dad would advise you to listen when people tell you to drink lots of extra water when you come to Colorado . He ignored my advice and instead of water, enjoyed beer and martinis (alcohol is very dehydrating), and ended up with a nosebleed and was feeling too weak to go on the mountain trip we had planned for Monday. We got him hydrated and he felt good by the time he had to leave early Tuesday morning, thank goodness. I believe he’s seen the light on the hydration issue! So if you come here, double up on your water consumption—you’ll be glad you did—or, at least, not sorry you didn’t!

Yes—I feel like I’m trying to come out of a cocoon or something. I feel certain things are about to break wide open—I really do feel on the verge of major expansionbut right now, I feel kind of cotton-headed. Every time I start to worry about it, I just tell myself to relax and trust the process. My body has been feeling like it was run over by a Mack truck, and I’ve been to the chiropractor a lot lately, including today. My neck’s been chronically out, and it occurred to me to mention to him that the heat vent for the bedroom blows on my head at night, and when he muscle tested me, we discovered that having the wind on my head is creating constant imbalance. So Rick devised a diverter for the vent, and it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference tonight! I feel sure it will.

I’m seriously contemplating skipping the Christmas decorations this year—even my beloved tree. I’m thinking I’ll just get a poinsettia or two and call it good. Dad’s visit occurred during the time I would normally have decorated, and I’m just not feeling motivated to go through with it right now. I think the time and energy would be better spent on writing and doing what I need to do to feel better, which includes a lot of rest and stress release. I do really normally love how the house looks at Christmas (see photos below), but I think I’ll love even more the respite from it all. I’m not swearing off for good—heavens no. Just for this one year…


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