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For those on the call tonight, here is a link to the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System

and, to

"I Live in Love"

and, to

the article I mentioned on peace:

"Seeking Peace? Seek Joy Instead"


a reminder about December 26--I'll be hosting a phone call devoted to helping us realign after what may be a stressful holiday time. Come for a few minutes or come for longer--just check in to have an identity check in case you've lost touch with the grandeur of your Beingness! If you're on my email list, you'll get access details closer to time. (It will be the same phone number and access code as tonight's teleseminar.)

Tonight's teleseminar was "All You Need Is Love: The Key to Having It All." I think the call went really well considering I was almost 5 minutes late due to busy circuits! I was a little discombulated but managed to recover quickly! I got some encouraging and appreciative comments and one very inspiring question. It was so inspiring, I think I'll soon write an article based on it!

The question was "How am I supposed to love other people when I don't love myself?" I know you just can't bear to wait till I get the article written (grin), so I will give you the gist of the answer: You don't have to love other people--and you don't need to love yourself! (I hear you gasping!)

If you radiate Love unconditionally and impersonally the way you're designed to, the Love you receive, circulate, and radiate will transform any aspect of you suffering from a lack of Love. Ego is the one telling the lie that you are not worthy of Love, but if you radiate Love on purpose and unconditionally, you automatically transcend ego, raise your vibrational frequency up to the level where you know the Truth of Who You Are--which IS Love--and the problem is spontaneously solved!


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Andrena said:

Hi Julia:
Your teleseminar was great last night. There are so many interested participants now, which means that we are enjoying the message and finding meaningful insights. Thanks so much for sharing all this with us.
Blessing & love,

Julia said:

Thanks for your lovely comment, Andrena!
I was very gratified last night by the comments that people made about what really resonated with them, and especially thrilled that they said how they could feel it transforming some formerly stuck places. I take no credit for that--it's Love that transforms--but I am so happy being the provider of the focus and the sacred space for that to happen!
Thank you for being there, Andrena.
Love and Joy,

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