Peaceful Christmas

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Merry Christmas! Just a note to say I hope you’re having a peaceful, joyous day, and if you’re not, to encourage you to choose and create that! And, yes—it IS a choice even if it might not feel like it at the moment! (I'm suddenly having flashbacks of Christmases past in the bosom of my extended family, with everyone tanking from too much sugar, and cranky from sleeping in beds they aren’t used to, etc…and still, some of my happiest memories!)

Hopefully, you’re on my email list and received the mailing last week that included my holiday gifts for you. One of them was the PDF of “I AM the Creator of Peace.” (If you click the title, it will take you to that PDF so you can download it and print it out.) It includes the very keys to creating peace in our experience no matter what, something you may especially need if you are in a house packed with members of your family of origin! (grin)

And I don’t know about you, but I’ve often emerged from such situations feeling about 8 years old, unconscious and incompetent. Sooooo…I’m having a teleconference tomorrow (Dec. 26) so that those of us who would like to reconnect with each other and, perhaps more importantly, with ourSelves, can gather, participate in a meditation, and have a visit with other folks devoted to their spirituality, and just generally do some frequency-raising. So I’d love for you to join us if you can get away from the crowd for a bit! It will be at 3 pm Eastern, noon Pacific, and you’ll be calling 1-641-297-5800 and the access code is 732732.

Rick and I are blessedly alone today. We had the Hamrick family gathering yesterday, and we’ll have our Christmas celebration with the girls tomorrow—normally, we’d do it Christmas Eve, but Stepdaughter #1 just returned last night from a semester abroad in Vienna and we wanted her to be included. I talked to my family in North Carolina while Rick was napping to spare him the chaos of the phone being passed around, though it turned out to be a very calm time since half the family was napping and the rest will call us later.

UPS did not come through for me due to the blizzard, so Rick did not have but one gift from me today, doggonit. And it was not much to speak of—the current 5280 magazine which always features the latest reviews of Denver restaurants and features profiles of the new hot chefs, etc. His Christmas will be extended till whenever Brown gets their act together! But Rick did come through for me—I got a DVD player for the TV I can see from my daybed (my throne), and a DVD of Designing Women (one of my all-time favorite shows) episodes. I’m in heaven!

Well—I am going to go now and get busy preparing a Christmas feast. Here’s to you this Christmas and to the Christ-consciousness being re-born within you. Love and joy and hugs and magic to you from me! Talk to you tomorrow, I hope!

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