Sacred Gathering

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What a wonderful group we had for our sacred gathering today!

I invited people to share what they had done during the season that felt empowering--choices they had made that were more in alignment for them than the traditional stressful ones that they might have made in the past, and it turns out that those who were on the call were very tuned into that and had made many empowering choices.

Patricia, from Australia, told us of her deep desire to give and what she did to fulfill her desire. She and her husband baked gingerbread cookies in the consciousness of Love and gave them to a homeless shelter as well as to an individual homeless man they encountered, and her telling of it was so uplifting, it made me exclaim, "I want one of those cookies!"

She said she did have some left and generously said she'd send one to each person on the call if they'd send their mailing address. I was going to put her email address here so you can contact her, but instead of doing that, just email me (you can use the contact feature on the website if you don't have my address--it sends the message straight to my email box) and I'll send you her email address so you can let her know where to send your cookie!

After our initial discussion, I lead a guided meditation and it felt really great, even though I wasn't able to totally let go since I was in charge. Happily, I recorded it, so I'll see about uploading it to the site so we can all have access to it when we'd like to relax and raise our vibration and tap into that lovely group energy.

The Hamrick girls are coming soon for our little family gathering--the highlight of the holidays for me--so I'm going to go now and get ready for them. Fun!

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Patricia said:

Thank you Julia for the very real and empowering experience I felt of radiating love to the Universe.
I just love the analogy you used to compare our love to the brightness of the sun. That was very powerful for me.
Have a wonderful day and Love from Down Under

Sibylle said:

Thank you, Julia, and everyone who participated, for sharing one hour of wholeness, peace, and sacred love with me! I still feel as light as a feather :-)

Julia said:

Patricia and Sibylle~
It was my pleasure! I loved being with you all and sharing the sublime energy we all co-created. Thank you for being there and for being YOU!
Love and Joy,

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