Link to the Step-By-Step Frequency-Raising System

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I really loved the energy on the call tonight! It was a record turnout, too! If you participated, I want to thank you for sharing your Light and Love!

Here is a link to the Step-By-Step Frequency-Raising System mentioned in tonight’s teleseminar.

Step-By-Step Frequency-Raising System

I also mentioned a few essential oils—Release, Joy, and frankincense. Here is a link to my Young Living site where you can read about them. All of them are amazing at moving your energy from your reptilian/primitive brain into your frontal lobes--a must for raising your vibrational frequency. Release is aces for dissolving that yucky feeling in your solar plexus that you get when ego gets its "nose out of joint"! Feel free to ask me for assistance if you'd like to order some oils.

Here is a link to the free EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) manual

This is a link to the Raise Your Frequency! Forum at Powerful Intentions, and the thread that has some info and instructions on the circular/ Rebirthing breath

If I have forgotten anything I said I’d post, please feel free to remind me by leaving a comment! And, of course, there are a lot of articles on my Articles page to help you with raising your frequency up to the level where joy--and it's higher expression, ecstasy--is your experience.


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Mykie said:

Hi Julia-
My name is Mykie, and I tuned in last night to your teleseminar. First, I would like to thank you for your offering. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. I really enjoyed listening and I look forward to listening again. As I was listening and absorbing, the term vibrational frequency stuck with me for the duration of the seminar. You seemed to emphasize a correlation between love and vibrational frequency. My question is, if one has a lower vibrational frquency, does this necessarily imply that they are lacking love; or not releasing it? I would love to hear your insights on this primarily because I have been at some very low points in my life, and I am currently at a low vibrational frequency. Though I realize that this effects my relationships with other people, I am well aware that in my lowest points, I still feel love from them. I often question the self-love part when I am at my lowest; and I often question my ability to completely love.
I appreciated your comments on resistance and living in the anasthesia of the ego. I am currently in a relationship with someone I care for deeply. We are struggling with resistance from two angles. The first being from my end. I was raised in a bad neighborhood, a dysfunctional family and a broken home. I had to learn to depend on myself and make grown-up decisions beginning at the age of 8. I always had to defend myself and my siblings, I always had to protect what was mine. I grew up, gained an education and became a Businesswoman. I can't stand not being in control; thus I have owned two businesses. In my personal life, I must say, that I am extremely resistant to understanding others. Even in my relationship. I'm defensive. Things have to be seen from my point of view. I have a hard time accepting her points of view or reasoning when I disagree. I realize that this is not good for us, and this is someone who I want to spend my life with. How can I (given my history) release myself from the anasthesia of my ego, and drop my resistance to understanding.
From her angle, for reasons that remain unclear to me, she is resistant to accepting my love. She has pre-conceived notions about relationships and negative associations. While I recognize that she loves me, she often makes me want to shield my heart when she starts talking about her negative feelings regarding relationships and forever. Her outlook on relationships makes me almost feel as if there is no real hope for us. How can we work through this? What can she do to drop her resistance or at least ease it? I want the best; but the best seems to far fetched at times. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Julia said:

Hi, Mykie~
Thank you for your kind words of appreciation.
Your question is a little complex for answering here. If you'd like to schedule an attunement (go to main site and click on ""Private Sessions"" and then ""Attunements""), I would be happy to address this with you. It's a great time to schedule an attunement as the price will be going up as of March 1!
In the meantime, I'm going to advise you to listen to the teleseminar called ""All You Need Is Love."" I offered this as a holiday gift for my subscribers, and I'm going to post the URL for it here so you can listen without having to pay for it (it's normally a $6 download). It will help you to understand the relationship between allowing Love/Life Force to flow through you and the level of vibrational frequency at which you are operating. I believe it will help you answer your questions. Here's the link:
I don't think it will be clickable from here, but if you go to the December 30th blog entry, it's clickable from there. It takes an age to load, even after it says ""Done"" so just be very patient.
Love and Joy,

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