If I can have anything I want, where's my pony?

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Here’s a reply I made to someone recently that may provide food for thought. I don't remember what the original question was, but I think the answer stands alone:

You can absolutely have what you truly, wholeheartedly (that's a key word) desire. The critical missing piece is that YOU are larger than the level you're perceiving from on a daily basis. You are primarily operating from a vibrational frequency that is lower than your "higher self," as determined by however much you allow your ego to run the show. The greatest part of you is operating above ego level.

Your ego, which has limited vision, has definite ideas about what you ought to have, but the Self that is completely connected to Source Energy and Wisdom that can see more than you're able to at the level where you're perceiving from also has definite ideas about what is in harmony for you and has the potential to bring you the greatest joy and harmony. Your idea about "I can create exactly what I want" is true--but you have to take into consideration that the greatest part of you--the "I" that has the most influence over Universal Forces, may not want what your ego-directed mind wants.

The key is to rise in vibrational frequency higher and higher so that your thoughts are automatically more and more aligned and consistent with the higher thoughts the Big You is having! You really, really don't want something that isn't in alignment with your Self.

You might want to read "Ego or Higher Self: Who's Behind Your Decisions" for more understanding about your all-knowing Big You's wisdom.

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