Creating the Vibrational Template for a Holy Relationship

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Tonight’s teleseminar—"Creating the Vibrational Template for a Holy Relationship"was buzzing! I promised to post the list of relationship qualities I talked about here. These are what we all want in a relationship and need to be giving to ourselves and allowing from Source in order to create an energy blueprint for manifesting a relationship that mirrors them. Instead of just posting the list, I’m going to post the list with my seminar notes on them plus a few more key points. I’m not bothering to do much cleaning up of these—remember, these were notes to myself—so glean what you can!


Relationships are mirrors of what is within. If you’re needy within, guess what’s going to outpicture in a relationship?! The healthier you are—the more you have embraced your Wholeness—by the time you manifest a relationship, the healthier the relationship will be (or current relationship will be).

  • Love—you withhold Love from yourself when you refuse to radiate Love unconditionally . The more you're willing to simply love, the more Love you will have in your life in all ways
  • Loyalty—how are you selling yourself out? Betraying yourself? By not taking a stand for your energy autonomy? Being a doormat?
  • Respect—do you have total respect for yourself? Speak to yourself as you would have someone speak to you? Treat yourself as you would want someone to treat you?
  • Honesty and integrity—what are you lying to yourself about? Not owning up to? Pushing out of consciousness so as not to have to deal with? Do you trust yourself? Spirit? The process?
  • Passion—how are you withholding passion in your life? Settling for dull? Not taking risks?
  • Thoughtfulness and consideration—huge in a relationship—are you thoughtful and considerate of yourself? Of your time alone with Spirit? Etc.
  • Expressiveness—are you doing and saying wonderful things to and for yourself?
  • Dependability—Where are you not trusting Source to come through for you?
  • Intimacy—Being truly known and understood and having someone willing to look at even the less attractive parts of you and not withdraw from you. “Into me see” what are you unwilling to look at and be present with? If you are unwilling to be open and able to look at the challenging things within yourself, how are you going to do that with someone else and create a relationship that features intimacy?
  • Affection—Are you affectionate with yourself? Speak lovingly to yourself? Think of yourself lovingly?
  • Excitement—Where are you withholding from excitement? Are you able to notice and get excited over little stuff in your life? Over the continuous flow of gifts from Source?
  • Ease—are you allowing ease to be the predominant dynamic in your life?
  • Romance—Are you doing that for yourself which you would want someone else to do for you? Are you noticing/appreciating the gazillion dozen roses Source has provided for you? Diamond glints on the water? Or the stars? Source really did hang the moon—human lover cannot do that!

Look for evidence that you are already SO LOVED! Love does not come from other human beings—it only comes from Source.

This is a special note about the question from Jill: Loving someone requires being as empowered as possible through alignment with Source. When you do this for yourself, you empower the other person. As you move toward empowering yourself, you will be in position to further allow the other person to empower himself.

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