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I can't believe I never posted a link to the Easy World Forum! I started an Easy World forum on Powerful Intentions last weekend, and it is really hopping with lots of people and ideas and sublime energy!

Here is the URL:

Here is something I just posted there about an experience I had this afternoon. (Isha--if you're reading this, hi!)


Okay. This is so cool, I just have to share it. As I was composing the message above, my office line rang and it was a bubbly young lady wanting to sell her company's services to us so we could draw more attention to my Young Living business, which she somehow knew about--probably from some leads list.

I interrupted her immediately to explain that I am primarily a spiritual teacher and author and that my Young Living business is just an auxilliary business--basically, a service that I provide to people because the essential oils are such powerful tools--and that I'm not interested in making a particular hoopla over it.

Except where I intended to say "Young Living," I said "World" instead of "Living" since I was immersed in Easy World. So I said, "Oops--I meant Young Living, not Young World--I was in the middle of doing something related to Easy World when you called and I got a little mixed up."

"EASY WORLD?" she said. "Tell me about Easy World--I like the sound of that!" So, without going into great detail of the conversation, which was magical, she latched onto Easy World before I'd had a chance to say but about a half a sentence!

By the time our 3-minute conversation concluded, she had long since ceased trying to sell me anything, and proclaimed that while she had called me to sell me something, she had the feeling the real reason she called was that she needed to know about Easy World.

In explaining EW, I said that we tell ourselves that things are hard--and she jumped in and said, "and that just makes it even harder when we tell ourselves that, doesn't it?!" A quick study!

Said she'd been wanting to be more spiritually focused and have less negativity in her life. I told her the Law of Attraction had put us together today and she said she'd never heard of LOA. So I told her about The Secret and gave her the URL to my website so she could read my blog entries about Easy World. She was so excited when she hung up!

Didn't sell me a thing, but she got a priceless treasure instead of a commission.

Doncha just love it? Easy World is sucking people into its vortex right and left!


You might also enjoy checking out the latest items and designs in the Easy World Boutique. I added a couple of Recreating Eden shirts there as well as more EW items. I'm loving my "It's always miracle time in Easy World" clock and my EW mug!

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Andrenq said:

Hi Julia:
I got my E W pillow and magnet and I am so happy to have them. They turned out great and I got them in a short time after I ordered.
B & L,

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