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That is my sigh of relief! This was siding week at the Hamrick’s. The house is newly wrapped in vinyl and should never need painting again. While my dream is to have a gorgeous home made of all natural materials, our 1960-vintage ranch is not it! The new skin will help with resale when the time comes and will keep our neighbors from cringing till then. It does look nice and I feel much better about it. We had delayed this for as long as possible before the wood started showing through the paint!

I’d like to say I stayed in Easy World every minute of the process—and I did amazingly well considering that for 4 days I had to get up really early (I’m a night owl and that doesn’t suit me). Whereas I am used to sleeping on my own schedule and having quiet solitude everyday working on my own, there were people here all day till 6 pm, ripping old wood off the house and pounding on the walls all day. The dogs, while amazingly calm while the house was being pounded on, were like little alarms going off from time to time. And where usually, they can go out anytime they need to, with the gate to the backyard having to be open to facilitate the movement of the siding guys, it required coordination to be sure it was shut, etc., for potty breaks.

It is hard, not to mention, counterproductive, to describe the psychic distress I experience (or, to be more affirmative, “have experienced in the past”) in such situations, even while doing better than usual this time through my continual reminders to myself about Easy World. Having circuits wide open enough to channel and to assist people with my intuitive abilities means that I am in need of extra measures to deal with things like this week’s siding project. So I won’t pass along any more of my misery by describing the effects, but I will share with you that I used an additional technique that helped as well. I kept asking myself “How would a relaxed person be handling this?” And then I simply acted like a relaxed person, and I became one, if only temporarily. It helped immensely! Still, I was definitely out of my element this week and am so relieved it’s over.

BUT, I must say, the head guy who did the siding job was really wonderful. His wife is a Reiki master and he was very understanding of my needs. We had a system worked out to make things as painless as possible, and when I finally said “Enough!” yesterday evening to the radio that had been blaring loudly all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (thankfully, to a classic rock station and not to mariachi music such as that which accompanied the roofing crew when we had our roof replaced year-before-last!), he very kindly didn’t even get it out of his truck today. He even asked me today why I never said anything before so he could have turned it down! Good question...

It was just he and his son and they both had really sweet, easy-going energy, so at least it didn’t feel like my house was being assaulted beyond just the basic tear off of the wood that couldn’t be on there anymore, and whatever the term is for putting the siding on. They were really a blessing. I am convinced I attracted them because of my commitment to Easy World, even if I didn’t stay there every minute! I couldn’t have asked for a kinder, more cooperative, easier crew to have here.

I found out today that unless things miraculously change, I am scheduled to be swimming in a month. I won’t get started on all the weird reasons why it’s taking so long (all on the company’s end of things—we’re all set), but I confess I’ve been scouring my consciousness to figure out why I have created the delay. All I can come up with is Divine Order, and my need to totally trust that. In case you’re listening, Universe (grin), I AM READY, READY, READY for my Endless Pool!

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