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Some people were talking about the power of anonymous giving on The Secret Forum tonight, and I was reminded about a powerful experience I once had with that I think you might enjoy...


Back quite a few years ago--9 or 10 at least--I read in the newspaper that it was "Oprah's 'Be An Angel' Day." Because I was working with prosperity principles at the time, I decided that my angelic act was going to be putting a twenty-dollar bill in an envelope and anonymously putting it on someone's windshield with a note saying, "An angel blessing for you."

As I drove around the smallish town where I lived at the time, looking for just the right vehicle on which to place it, I tried not to base my decision on whether it looked like the car belonged to someone who needed the money--this wasn't about giving to someone in need--it was about bestowing a spiritual gift.

So, I chose a modest car in a downtown parking lot--not the fanciest, and not the most dilapidated. I just felt it "calling to me." The only thing that made it stand out was that it was a little bit rusty, and had an unusual stripe on it--obviously custom. My heart racing, I made sure no one was in sight, and I jumped out, pinned the envelope behind the windshield wiper, hustled back to my car, and sped away.

I had errands to do in town, so I did one and drove back by to see if they'd found it yet. The car with envelope was just as I had left it. I did another errand, and drove back by. Still there.

So I went to the post office, 7 or 8 blocks away from the parking lot where that car had been parked, and as I was leaving, thought about driving by it again, when the very clear thought came to me, "Angels do their work without seeking to know what the results are. They do it for the joy of doing it, and then let it go."

So, as I pushed the exit door to the post office open, I realized that what I needed to do was completely release it and let my sole reward be the joy inherent in the act alone.

At that very instant, the slightly rusted car with the unusual stripe drove by, the envelope no longer on the windshield! My heart leapt up and tears of joy sprung to my eyes! Clearly Spirit was rewarding me for letting go!

Of course, I never knew how the person responded to receiving the money, but just seeing the car drive by was all I needed to know that the gift in the whole experience was to me—not the other person!

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Paul Alvarez said:

That was a very nice gesture and even more a great learning experience for you. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for making me smile.

Julia said:

Hi, Paul~
Happy to think I inspired a smile! Thanks for stopping by!
Yes--it turned out that, from my view, anyway, it was definitely more for me than for the other person, though who knows how that unexpected gift was received and what it may have set in motion?! Just part of the Great Mystery...
Love, Joy, Ease,

Darren Jacklin said:

Hi Julia,
Thanks for being an Angel. I appreciate you sharing this blog. I am choosing to do Anonymous Giving more often now.
All The Best To You.

Julia said:

What a lovely thing to say, Darren!
Anonymous giving is a blast. The more we operate as Source does, continually radiating Love unconditionally and impersonally, giving our gifts freely, the higher in vibration we rise and the more joyful, brilliant, creative and fulfilled we are! Don't you just love the Divine Design?!
Love, Joy, Ease,

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