Just stay in the bone zone, Julia!

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I just came in from outside. It’s a gorgeous Spring day in the mid 60s, Roly and Lilah are in the yard, blissing out with their raw marrow bones, and as it was a bit chilly in the shade of the patio cover, I sat in my Happy Place, which, in the summer is in dappled shade at this time of day, but now is in full sun.

Wow. It’s amazing how I manage every winter to repress my absolute craving for being outside! It’s just heavenly to be back in the fresh air and warmth and energy of the sunlight. Even the recognition of all the gardening tasks to be done didn’t take away from the ecstasy of being in the now, soaking up the moment like a dry sponge plunged into a sink-full of warm water.

I’m feeling at a crossroads. Actually, not a crossroads, but the start of a new road, the choice having already been made as to the road I’m taking. Now I’m just contemplating the most suitable conveyance for getting on down that road. Being a big-picture thinker as I tend to be, can serve me, or overwhelm me. I’m skating on the edge of overwhelm at the moment, and my choice to write this blog entry right now is a choice to focus in.

There are so, so many things that I could do and want to do. There are at least a dozen books in me to write—ones I already have titles and concepts for—and one, in particular, that is asking very insistently to be written. There is the Spring 2007 newsletter to get out. There is a blog to keep current. There is the Easy World Forum to tend. There are many, many updates and additions to my website I’d like to make. And so many more things that I’ll just stop now because I feel myself teetering on the edge of overwhelm again! When I go into overwhelm, I just do nothing at all!

You know—I started the book I really was excited about writing, and then the energy for it just took a big dip. Then Easy World presented itself, and continues to present itself very insistently, as the thing upon which to focus.

As I write that, I feel ready to burst into maniacal laughter—I mean, if I just stay in Easy World, I am assured to get done exactly what is right for the moment, and then, for the next moment, and on and on without overwhelm! It’s that pesky ego again, seeing the big picture, and thinking it’s got to manage it all that stymies me. So I guess instead of continuing this soliloquy and going into overwhelm, I'll go into Easy World and just do whatever feels inspired and fun!

See? I knew that coming in to blog would be the right way to take the next step down the road! I’m all calm and focused now.

I think I’ll go out and hang with the dogs some more. Watching them in the altered state we call the “bone zone” is a perfect example of the ecstasy of focusing on one pleasurable thing at a time. Those dogs have Easy World down pat!

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Donielle said:

Was checking out your blogs and resonated with your entry from yesterday! Wasn't it georgous out! I sat out on my chair in the back yard for quite a while and did nothing (and loved it)!!!
Love Ya

Julia said:

Yes, yes, oh yes! Loved that weather! Today was exquisite, too!
I do so love Spring.
Love, Joy, Ease,

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