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Easy World is THE place to find resources and do business!

I wanted a Flash animation for my website, so I did the obvious things: I asked my webmaster, Tony, about it--he said he had tried doing a bit of it and it was like Greek to him, but if I found someone to do the animation, he'd put it on my site. Okay...so I do a Google search. Found less people than you'd think, and the ones I did contact either never got back in touch, or did a week or more later.

"Dang. Doesn't anybody want to make money anymore?" I thought. But I took it as a sign that the Universe had something specific in mind, and let it go for a few days. After all, I live in Easy World, where everything is easy, I and definitely wanted this to be a whole lot easier. Timing IS everything...

Finally, I remembered that the Easy World Forum’s own Ben Kelson had mentioned having a web-services company (KelsonMedia.com), so I queried him. Yes--he did Flash, and yes, he'd be willing to do what I wanted within my budget if I'd throw in a signed copy of Recreating Eden and an attunement!

I was a tiny bit nervous as I wasn't sure how easily I could convey to him what I wanted, and, never having worked with him, how good he was at figuring stuff like that out, and he didn't have anything like what I was asking for in his portfolio, but I was soon reassured when he showed me his first pass at creating my vision.

Meantime, I had sent him a book, and it arrived in record time, and he wrote me a message saying he wasn't sure whether the Universe was more interested in me getting my Flash, or in him reading Recreating Eden as he had started reading it and was really into it and excited about it! (I'm sure as efficient as the Universe is, both were equally divinely ordained!)

I could not have asked for a more wonderful person to work with than Ben! OR, for better results! I am very, very, VERY particular about aesthetics, and Ben never lost patience with me. He even said it was fun making my vision a reality!

I think he even surprised Tony, my webmaster, with how perfectly he did the job and how easy it was to integrate it into the site.

If you'd like to see the wonderful results of this business deal in Easy World, go to www.juliarogershamrick.com and look at my logo at the top just after the page loads. If you want to make it go again, you can just use your mouse to trigger it (though, if you're using Internet Explorer, you'll need to click in the area (you'll see a box form around the logo--click inside it) to activate it and then you can do it over and over. Fun!

THANK YOU BEN KELSON, and thank you Easy World!!!

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Carol said:

Oh, I love the flash, Julia! It tingles with a gentle loving magic. Thanks for sharing about the process and introducing Ben.

Julia said:

Thanks, Carol! I love your description of its effects! That's how I feel about it and it's nice that it translates to others!
Love, Joy, Ease,

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