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What a quick weekend! I’ve been at my computer most of the time. Sweet Julie’s getting tired of working through every weekend, but this couldn’t be helped, despite what she thinks... With the “grand launch” of coming up on Tuesday (hoping to get our announcement out then) there has been a lot to do. Tony has been awesome and has worked through the weekend as well, something I know he doesn’t usually do. Rick spent his Saturday and Sunday doing taxes. I’m very thankful to both of them!

I had a meltdown today. Yes—I found myself in self-exile from Easy World. I was just really tired from all this time at the computer and all the time waiting for the pool to be ready and having my back out of whack and heaven knows what all else, and so I had a release session and allowed Sweet Julie to whine and my adult ego to do the thing that rhymes with witch and just generally allowed myself to be human.

I did it with a consciousness of release and an awareness of emotional management, which makes it even more useful than just reaching the end of your rope and freaking out (which works, too, but is somehow not as satisfying and immediately aligning). I broke my general rule about doing the emotional releasing in private—Rick “got” to be with me—and hopefully is none the worse for the wear! He’s gotten pretty good at putting his slime shields up and is great at being present with me at those times. He has almost learned not to try to cajole me into a better place—he tried a little humor today, but I was not receptive at that point. When it’s release time, it’s release time, and nothing feels better than having it out of your system.

Yes—I felt much better afterward. Of course. There’s nothing more effective when you need one than a little emotional release session to clear the way to move back up the vibrational ladder. I also spent some time outside on this gorgeous 72-degree, sunny day, and got some grass trimming done. I must have looked pretty strange the way I had to stand with my lower back out and my thermal heat wrap on, but I was just happy to be able to do it. That’s another really effective frequency raiser for me—being outdoors and doing something in the garden.

Okay. About the pool. Sweet Julie has apparently run out of patience waiting for it. It has taken longer in every way than originally expected, except for the actual work that Peter has done. What he said about the installation time has been pretty accurate—except that in our first meeting, I missed the part about how the pool walls had to be set up before he could measure for and order the custom liner that then takes 2-3 weeks to be manufactured and delivered before the pool can be filled with water (I missed it because it wasn’t discussed then). Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since he ordered the liner, and he says UPS will deliver it tomorrow and that he will be able to install it Tuesday. That means, if there is harmony in the Universe, this fish out of water will be swimming on Wednesday night. At last.

Have you noticed that Divine Order/Divine Timing is easier to appreciate when it matches up with your desires?!

Oh yeah—we had a spam attack on the blog yesterday—some of the least tasteful stuff I’ve encountered (it would have made my mother blush for sure) and I did not particularly appreciate the time it took to get rid of it—but the funny part was that though they went after 3 blog entries, the one they hit with the most “comments” was “A little EW contrast.” (EW is Easy World) I thought that was kind of appropriate!

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Andrea said:

Hi Julia,
YOUR WEBSITE IS BEAUTIFUL! Okay, that wasn't the subject of this post. But I wanted to congratulate you on an awesome job! Also, I want to let you know your post synchronized with what I'm experiencing right now. I am a bit frustrated with my life, but I've been trying so hard not to allow it to "get to me." And voila! Bad, bad cold. So, you did the right thing by allowing yourself to be human.
Again, I am incredibly impressed with your site!!! I love it!

Robin said:

Very un Easy World like! You banished yourself from Easy World! Do come back, Julia. I just found EW today and have the wallpaper up and the waves going. Taking several deep cleansing breaths then entering EW is completely frabjous!
Thank you for bringing the ooncept to the world. So easy!
You know, Easy World and being grateful for all the good things in your life, including Easy World, are all that anybody could need. Thank you so much, again

Julia said:

Thank you, Andrea!!! I'm so happy that you love the Easy World site! It was a labor of love and worth all the "stuff" that came up in contrast. Getting enough rest is vital to being in Easy World, that's for sure! And letting ego discharge is definitely crucial.
I trust your cold is on the run now that you're doing some intentional emotional clearing...right?!
Love, Joy, Ease,

Julia said:

Worry not, Robin~ I'm back, and I was back as soon as I released the built up emotional "uck." The skill that I need to develop is to release it as I go along instead of being too busy to pay attention and then suddenly realizing I haven't taken care of myself. AND I need to make getting more rest a priority.
You are sooooooooooo welcome! I'm thrilled that you found Easy World and are enjoying the EW "accessories." Boy--those waves really do it, don't they? At first I thought they were too active and wanted quieter, less active water, but after you listen awhile, it's addictive!
Anyway--thanks for commenting and visit again soon!
Love, Joy, Ease,

Robin said:

I can smell and taste the salt spray as I am listening to the waves at work! It's so realistic, I have a little salt taste in my mouth!
I got my wife Laura into Easy World last night. She called my from Walmart and I had her say into the phone "I choose to be in Easy World, where everything is Easy" and take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
We're into The Secret and were into Unity and new thought years ago, but are just getting back to all this after decades in Difficult World.
I love Easy World!

Wendy said:

Hi Julia,
Just feeling your lower back pain and know why. You Can Heal your Life by Louise Hay, has been such an instrument in my life. All pain in our bodies we create. You know that ego thing! Anyway, she says it's Fear of money. Lack of financial support. Answer is, I trust in the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe. Easy World!!!!! Right??? Go there!!!

Julia said:

Robin~I love that you coached your wife into Easy World! Fantastic!
Glad you're enjoying the waves. They are addictive, aren't they?!

Julia said:

Thanks, Wendy! I have bought and given away sooooooo many copies of You Can Heal Your Life over the last 15-20 years, and you are right on.
The combination of weak muscles from not being able to workout over the last year, the funky way I've had to walk because of my injured knee, and emotionally based financial issues, will definitely contribute to one's back going out of alignment!
But I will be able to take my first swim in my new Endless Pool tomorrow (HOORAY), so that will be the beginning of getting strong again! Hooray! And I have a feeling it will do wonders for my strength at all levels. I was a swimmer all my life till 4 years ago so I have a good idea of the ways in which this is going to be a great thing for me! Can you tell I'm SO excited?!!!
Thanks for your support!

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