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With little fanfare, launched today! (There will be fanfare next week when the newsletter comes out!) I am excited about it as it will provide a foundation for the Easy World message and assist it in spreading farther and wider—with ease!

I’m really happy with how it turned out and of course it will be evolving. I already know of several other things that will be going on it. Be sure to offer suggestions if you can think of something that needs to be on there that isn’t yet. Thanks to webmaster Tony for all his great work in taking my design and getting it to work as a website!

It is still utterly flabbergasting to me how easily people are comprehending Easy World. Today on the EW Forum, “W P” said, “Everybody, and I mean everybody, is receptive to Easy World. If they were a dog you could see their ears prick up. I even had one lady who happens to be going through interesting times call me up yesterday and say, ‘I just wanted to talk to you about that 'Simple place' you mentioned, I really need to hear about it again’…”

Wow—did that ever trigger a huge bout of gratitude in me! In fact, I’m in continual awe and gratitude for Easy World—and for being able to share it with everyone.

I think you’ll enjoy the testimonials page on the new site. It is full of appreciation for Easy World. I pulled all the testimonials from unsolicited comments that people on the EW Forum posted as well as a few from the “I live in Easy World” thread that is one of the longest threads ever on The Secret Forum. In every case but one (the person was not wanting her name out there), when I corresponded with people to ask permission, I received enthusiastic messages of assent and appreciation for getting the Easy World message out. Even the one that didn’t want her name to be public thanked me for introducing her to Easy World and for getting it out there.

Changing the subject slightly, in true Easy World style, I purchased a round-trip ticket to North Carolina today for early June and was able to easly get one of the last 3 tickets available on the only non-stop flight from Denver to Raleigh-Durham and for times that are perfect for me needs. What a blessing! It wasn’t the cheapest ticket, but it will save greatly in wear and tear. I am excited to see all my buddies and family, but as always, I’m so happy to stay here and work and garden and be with Rick and the pups, I will have to psyche myself up to leave! This trip is purely for leisure—I just need to spend some relaxed time with my NC family, both biological and spiritual!

Speaking of the pups, Lilah turned 5 today (April 11—I’m posting this after midnight on the 12th). She and Roly had raw marrow bones to celebrate. My dad’s birthday was today, too. He is 5 + 81! We also celebrated Stepdaughter #3’s 17th birthday tonight—though hers was yesterday, we had her dinner and cake and gift opening tonight. Lots of Aries energy in my life!

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Sibylle said:

Congratulations, Julia, on the new webpage! It looks AWESOME! What a powerful way of spreading the Easy World message.
You know, what amazes me most about this concept is that it's so EASY (d'oh!) to switch back whenever I happen to expel myself from Easy World. I realise what's happening, stop, "snap and switch" (something I learned from my wonderful coach), and literally within minutes I'm back in the flow. I'm definitely a citizen of Easy World by now!
And I'm of course going to post the link in my blog asap ;-)

Julia said:

Thanks, Sibylle!
Yes--I would say you have figured out the key to Easy World! Someone on the Easy World forum always says, "I am Easy World. And so are you."
Sibylle--you are Easy World!
Thanks for sharing the site with your blog readers!
Love, Joy, Ease,

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