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I know I'm in Easy World when I decide to swim a few hours earlier in the afternoon than usual, find that the pool heater isn't working, call Peter, the pool man, catch him on his one half-day in town this week, just in the nick of time before he heads out again this afternoon to do a job in the mountains which will keep him away till Sunday. When I tell him the problem, he says "I'll be right over."

He’s here in a little over an hour and has it fixed in very short order. We had talked earlier on the phone about the new chlorine-free system he's going to be installing for us, and at that time, he said, "I need help getting to Easy World!" so I gave him a pep talk. Once I called him back about the pool heater problem, I started writing, inspired by our chat, and a few paragraphs for the EW book came flowing out. I printed them out so when he came over to fix the heater, I could give him a copy, as well as an EW poster, and some Peace and Calming essential oil. I suspect the Universe wanted him to touch into the Easy World vibe at our house.

He had to stretch to see the detour in his trip out of town in the pouring rain as being in alignment with EW. Of course, I said, "Well, it was EW for me! You get to choose if you will allow it to be part of EW for you."That's one thing I'm learning: I don't get to say if someone involved in supporting my time in Easy World perceives themselves as being there, too. That's their decision. But he left with food for thought. He's really wonderful and open and I have all confidence that he will figure out that he can relax and align with Easy World and he'll get as much or more done as when he is in overwhelm and fighting Difficult World!

FYI, we had a great teleseminar last night, “Everyday, Effortless, Easy World Magic,” and one of the people there was designer Ellen Kennon, renowned for her Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paints. You can read about her, her wonderful paints, and the fascinating connection we made a couple of years ago in my article, “Magical, Light-Filled Paints, Magical, Light-Filled Connections.” She’s gotten excited about Easy World and is planning to feature it in her Summer newsletter, Living Well.

Also on board was Raymond David Salas, who wrote a really neat article on Easy World and published it on his blog, ZenChillblog.com. Seems he found out about EW from the interview that Sonora did with me for her blog sonorajaynecase.blogspot.com, tried the EW invocation, and found his life spontaneously improving in multiple ways and decided to become a fulltime EW resident! He spoke up on the call last night—what a lovely, clear man he is! His blog is filled with lots of wonderful goodies—be sure to check it out.

Oh—and another woman spoke up to say that she had found out about EW through Raymond’s blog article. I just love how Easy World promotes itself! In fact, my new friend, Teresa Albright, told me today that she got very turned on about EW by reading the iliveineasyworld.com site, invoked EW, had a rash of great stuff happen in the next 24 hours, so she emailed a bunch of her friends to tell them about it, and tells me they were emailing their lists about Easy World!

I LOVE Easy World!!! 

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Sibylle said:

Hi Julia,
you really are spreading Easy World all around you, that is so great! And I'm glad the teleseminar went well, although I'm still lobbying with up above to make earth flat so time zones won't be an issue anymore and I'll be able to join the teleseminars too! ;-)
I went to a job interview in Easy World this morning, and it was the best interview I've ever been to. I honestly think I couldn't have done better; and I really connected with my interviewer (and potential boss). I love Easy World too!

Julia said:

Yes, Sibylle--I would love for you to be able to be on the teleseminar calls. I'll do a daytime one again sometime like the after-Christmas call. I did have one intrepid lady in Dublin who used to get up in the middle of the night to get on the calls, but she was super devoted! And she doesn't do that anymore so I think she hit the wall with it!
I'm so happy to hear of your interview and that you might be taking a new job in Easy World! That's marvelous!!!
((((((((hugs))))))))) back atcha!

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