Forgiveness and acceptance

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I believe I’m going to need to get better at filing shorter blog entries more often. I see in my web stats that my loyal readers are checking, checking while I am silent! I’ve just been busy. With garden season upon me, I have extra extracurricular activities these days and there is always something I need to do for the mission.

My hope is that you’re not thinking that I am still feeling upset from the incident I wrote about last time. I have moved largely past that with the help of Spirit and using the script in Karol Truman’s Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. I don’t feel it would be right to share the script here since it’s her copyrighted material, but basically, you call upon your Spirit/Higher Self/God-In-You—whatever you want to call your overlighting higher power—and ask it to move through all layers of your being and through all time and heal all facets of your unacceptance of yourself (or whatever the problem is—and acceptance seems to be the umbrella for all such issues).

I was very much into it at the time and had prepped with essential oil blends of Forgiveness and Acceptance and I’m sure they super-charged the experience. I felt better immediately and have felt really good and quite clear since. I’m sure the incident that started my self-reflection and impetus to heal will smooth itself over in time. I have no desire to hold a grudge or to withhold Love, that’s for sure.

It is amazing how claiming a new level of self-acceptance can unburden one!

Positive vibrations coach, Sonora Jayne Case, did an interview with me for her blog and published it yesterday. There’s nothing startling there if you’re familiar with my story, but I think you’ll enjoy reading it. She tells me she has more interviews with other teachers lined up so you may want to check back to see who else shows up there! Thanks, Sonora, for helping get the word out about Recreating Eden and Easy World!

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Andrena said:

Hi Julia:
Hope to see some great pictures of this year's garden when all your joyous work on it starts to blossom. And, as always, thank you so much for your "blossoms of wisdom" you give/share with us in this blog. It truly makes one "stop and smell the roses".
B & L,

Julia said:

Thanks, Andrena! I had been thinking this year's garden would not be as great as usual, but I'm beginning to change my mind as my knees are doing better and better from the swimming! I got a lot of annuals today and a new rose and am hoping to spend the weekend playing in the dirt!
I deeply appreciate my regular blog readers like you who come back again and again in case I have a "blossom of wisdom"--or even just a "fertilizer"--to share!

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