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I did my interview with Kala of Explore Your Spirit this evening, and though I think it went well overall, I really wish I hadn't been so all over the map. It started out with Kala asking me to talk about my time in Japan and the illness. For some reason, that always seems to derail me! There is so much to it--so much detail, that I get bogged down. I did try to skim over it, but that seems to contribute to me either not doing a thorough enough job or not saying it in the most effective way! Rick's suggestion was to write it out as an "elevator speech" so that when it comes up, I will already know exactly how much detail to include. The problem with that is that when the energy starts to move, I do not feel a lot of control over how much I say or how I say it! I think the key is to simply trust that I will always say what needs to be said. And that will create it to be so!

I got carried away by the very strong energy that came upon me. It is kind of like being a sailboat that is kind of drifting, but the wind comes along, fills the sails, and then there's no easy way to stop until the sail's direction is reversed or the wind dies. It just came over me and whooshed me away. I hardly even stopped to let her ask questions--something that seems to happen whenever I do a radio show. Fortunately, Spirit has provided very ego-less radio hosts for me to work with. Kala said she just trusts that whatever is supposed to happen will and that when the energy takes over like it did tonight, it is best to stand back and allow it to do its work. How I appreciate that!

Anyway, I believe Kala was pleased, and after the show wrapped up, we talked for a bit. She was so very encouraging and appreciative of
Recreating Eden (which she read cover-to-cover as she says she does the books of all the authors she has on her show) but was most excited about the potential of what I'm up to with Easy World. Being that she is a psychic, I took that as yet another confirmation from Spirit that I am on the right track! Do check Kala's site to know when to hear my radio interview. They'll put a link up when it's edited and uploaded and ready to listen to.

On a different note, Stepdaughter #4 (15-year old) has been busy at our house yesterday and today, earning money for her Ultimate Frisbee team trip (remember that I was affirming Easy World in conjunction with having her help in the garden? It worked!) Yesterday, she did some garden work but it was so hot (high of 100), she postponed much of it till today when the high was a blessed 76. She did a fabulous job of trimming, deadheading, pruning, and cleaning up after herself, and she even helped a bit inside the house. I'm so pleased! Here is a photo looking east from my shady Happy Place which includes the results of some of her deadheading--"New Dawn" (white rose) was full of spent blooms but she was very thorough and now it looks so beautiful, don't you agree?

There is lots more going on, but nothing I'm ready to talk about right now, so we'll save it!

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Sibylle said:

I know I keep saying it, but your garden is just so beautiful! And believe it or not, I'm a LITTLE bit envious of the summer heat in your area - here it gets to a measly 20-23 Celsius which is about 65-75 F at the most. At the moment, it's more like 15 (58F)! I love a bit of summer heat, to really feel the seasons. Maybe it's time for a vacation in a sunny land... :-)

Julia said:

I had no idea you don't get warmer summers! Rick would definitely trade places--he's sooooo hot-natured, he'd love those cool summers of yours.
You'll have to visit the US in the summer--LOTS of heat here!!!
Thanks for the compliments on the garden--I can never hear too many of them!

Sibylle said:

You'll just have to pack up your "hot guy" and take him on a tour of my beautiful island, with me as the guide of course! ;-) And I'll definitely visit the States some time, it's something I've wanted to do for ages.
I forgot to mention that I'm really looking forward to hearing the interview! Been thinking of you a lot these past few days - I got a job in Easy World! Check out my current blog entry if you'd like all the glorious details :-)
More hugs!!

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