I'm no Sicko!

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This afternoon, Rick and I went to see Michael Moore's latest paradigm-challenging film, Sicko, on its opening day. Once again, we managed to be a vibrational match to having the movie we wanted to see, which was only shown in one Denver theater, be showing in our neighborhood! (Love that!)

It was powerful and masterfully done--it allowed the actual stories of real people to get the message across without the spin that Michael sometimes puts on things. (Rick says he emailed MM about this after seeing Fahrenheit 9/11-about letting the facts speak for themselves alone, which Sicko did--but is not claiming credit for the lack of spin in Sicko...publicly, anyway!).

I posted this to one of my onlinr essential oils groups about it: 
"If you want to feel relieved and even more empowered about your faith in alternative healing, go see Michael Moore's Sicko! While his purpose was to point up the greed and lack of humanity in the health care system from the standpoint of managed care and insurance companies (and he does so masterfully), what it did for me was make me so, so, SO glad that I do not believe that the medical community holds the key to my life, death, and health.

We have the most potent tools with which to create health--and I'm not only talking about essential oils and supplements, but our own knowing of our power as creative human beings who can direct our bodies to heal through our own choices and alignment with Source.

Regardless of your political leanings, go see this non-partisan look at what is broken in our country and I am sure you, like I, will find more to shake your head at and be grateful for than Michael Moore was even aware he was including."

While the film was expository and quite progressive on one level, I was struck by the sort of victim mentality expressed within it--the "someone's doing something to us" theme. But I do understand the mainstream will find it hard enough to stand up and claim the power to do what it will take to make changes in ways that make sense to them--challenging the system and moving toward universal health care. It may take a few more steps up the vibrational ladder before most are going to be ready to claim responsibility for creating the mess through their own consciousness and through a belief in powers outside themselves. It may even take a few more steps upward to claim their own power to create it differently--and their own health differently--through their thought choices!

I do wish he had focused a little more on the travesty of the unnecessary "healthcare," including pharmaceuticals, that people receive--indeed, I sometimes think those that are either not insured or are denied some treatments are better off in some ways than those that are and can because they are not privy to the medical establishment and Big Pharma's toxic solutions and slash and burn approach to illness. I guess that is really a whole different movie! Anyway, he did a great job on this one, and I am very glad I saw it.

And I am truly thankful to comprehend that no one holds my fate in their hands but me.

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