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It is so much fun to see how Easy World is spreading itself!

I was checking my web stats Monday, saw that the visits to the EW website had jumped, and found that some folks had visited via this link:

So, of course, I clicked the link to check it out, and found a blog entry by a delightful soul named Lola who had just discovered EW by way of Raymond Salas' blog article,, and of course, he had discovered Easy World via Sonora's interview with me at!

Three inspired actions: Sonora followed her inspiration to ask me for an interview, Raymond saw it and was intrigued with EW and was inspired to write an article about it, and now Lola found EW, had an uplifting experience and she was moved to blog about it. Someone asked me recently how I had time to do all my "other stuff" AND promote Easy World. The key is that I hardly have to do anything to promote Easy World. As I've said many times: Easy World promotes itself!

I am so, so, so very grateful for the Internet--what a powerful agent of Easy World! Thanks Sonora, Raymond, and Lola, for being agents of Easy World, and to all of you who are living in EW and telling your friends about it! What easier, more effective way to offer humanity a boost upward than to invite them to Easy World!

And here's a little interesting synchronicity: As I was writing this out to post to the Easy World Forum this afternoon (Tuesday), an email came in. It was from Lola, making a connection with me to thank me for making Easy World accessible! Love those synchronicities! I had intended to contact her but didn't feel the motivation to do it yet. In true EW style, I just waited for the inspiration, and while I was waiting for it, she got in touch with me (and I replied to her, of course!)! I hadn't felt energized to connect with her yet because it was her inspired action to contact me first. I love Easy World!

For all you in the US of A, have a wonderful July 4th holiday!!!

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