Adventure time--almost!

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We've begun early preparations for our vacation on Lake Michigan in September and I'm getting really excited. My awesome sister is letting us stay at her cottage, Sleepy Hollow, which has been in the family several generations.

We had planned to go to our own cottage (mine and my other sister's, which is really only technically ours at this point since my dad bequeathed it to us with the understanding that he will use it just as he has been until he's no longer able), but my dad will still be there, and Rick and I were wanting a relaxing time to be alone together, so Ann suggested we stay at her cottage. Because you can drive up to the back of Sleepy Hollow, it is a double blessing, since it is quite a walk from the parking lot to the other cottage and my knees are not ready for that yet. (They're getting there, though!) This way, we'll get to spend time with Dad AND be on our own.

Both of my sisters have been there most of the summer together, with various configurations of husbands, children and grandchildren coming and going. They headed home Monday and had an adventure they did not plan for. On their drive back to North Carolina, they got stranded in Findlay, Ohio, due to widespread area flooding which closed all the main roads. Fortunately, they got a room on the 3rd floor of the Holiday Inn, stocked up on emergency supplies at the Wal Mart across the parking lot, and were prepared to hunker down there for a few days. The water wasn't due to crest till the next morning, and be worse than the flood that wiped out the town in the last century.

Luckily, however, they were able to "escape" the area sooner than they expected by taking a circuitous route which took them out of their way, but at least, got them on the road again. Just as they were checking out of the hotel, local refugees from the flood waters were seeking shelter at the hotel, and they were glad they could free up their rooms for people who were under so much stress. They said there was a woman checking in when they left who was wet up to her waist from being in her flooded home. Yikes.

Anyway, thankfully, they made it safely home, just a day later than planned! We are intending that our own travels will be completely uneventful except for big fun. If you've read my blog for long, then you know that Rick and I love our road trips, though most are quite a bit shorter than this one!

Though we're not leaving for almost 2 weeks, I can feel the pressure building to get things done. So far, I've made lists, we've gotten the van checked over, I've bought a couple of comfy sweaters for those chilly mornings and evenings, and done lots of other small things not worth mentioning. There is much left to do, but I think it will be easier than packing for a plane trip--at least when you're in the car, you don't have to keep things so compact!

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