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I've been spending lots of time writing about Easy World, and it's no cosmic mistake--I've needed to be extra focused on EW. With the trip coming up, and house renovations on the near horizon, there have been many times I've needed to remind myself about EW and choose to be there. Here is a little of what I wrote this week in the chapter about taking action in Easy World (and yes, it's been the theme a lot lately--the most recent teleseminar was on this topic):


The only kind of action that works in Easy World is inspired, energized action.

Let's examine those words "inspired" and "energized." Inspired means that Spirit is motivating you from within. Your Spirit, being in continuous, perfect alignment with Easy World, and therefore, able to see the workings of the Whole of Creation, knows exactly what needs to be done and when. It informs you as to what you need to do in order to facilitate the perfect, harmonious outworking of things, and gives you the signal to do your part when the time is exactly right to do it. That's inspiration. Along with inspiration, you will feel energized to do whatever it is.

Energized means that the energy has welled up within you to do what needs doing. Feeling energized means you have tapped into the mighty power of the Divine Design for Harmony, the electromagnetic grid that under-girds Easy World. It means that you have sufficiently relaxed to be aligned with the Design and are thus "plugged in" to the immense energy that is continuously cycling there. (It is worthwhile to remember that it is imperative that you be relaxed in order to fully plug into the power grid!)


I really love the part about where the energy comes from when you're inspired, and that you need to be relaxed to plug into it. That was new to me as I wrote it--that's one of the main reasons I love writing--I learn so much cool stuff that I've never thought of before! There's a lot more I'm eager to share, but I need to leave some of it a surprise for when you read the book!

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Sibylle said:

Thank you Julia, that's exactly what I needed to read! With my upcoming move, the packing and unpacking, organising and address-changing, I definitely needed a reminder of EW and inspired action.
Not surprisingly, that's exactly how I made the decision on my apartment. The solution appeared in my head all of a sudden, and I felt excited and energised by it - emotions really are the best guide.

Teresa Albright said:

Often, when I am uickly growing and changing, a moment comes when I understand things just a little bit more deeply. That happened today, then I feel inspired to check your blog, and sure enough, validation of what I was feeling and understanding is right there! Today, at a deeper level than before, I decided to "live a downstream life" more fully, and let my Spirit lead me, trusting that She knows the way better than I do, and trusting that all will get handled far better than if I try to Ego-control it! Right now I'm in a place of moving forward rapidly in my professional and personal life, which I sometimes respond to by trying to "take charge". What a joke that is, that I play on myself! Thanks for reminding me that it works so much better in EW -- and thanks for the validation!

Julia said:

So glad the reminder was there when you needed it!
It's amazing what can happen when we just chill out and allow. Just remember that as you pack up and move!

Julia said:

Happy to see that you stopped by! Especially because you were INSPIRED to! It's almost (wink) like all of our Spirits are networked or something and playing with each other on other levels. (Of course, ultimately, there is only One, but it's a fun game to pretend like there are many!)
Yes--that "taking charge" notion is one of the funnier human jokes, isn't it?! Sometimes it's funnier than others, of course...
For me being a reflection of you, you're welcome!

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