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Aaaaaahhhh...we are here. After a long journey, with some interesting twists which I will relate later, our bodies have been here since Friday night, but the whole of ourselves has just now caught up. The ancient cottage in it's perfect setting, just a stone's throw from the edge of Lake Michigan, was once owned by my four spinster great aunts, and now by my sister, Ann, who is so graciously allowing us to use it. It has always been a part of my history, and I have fond memories of being here when the aunts were alive, baking us biscuits to top with their homemade raspberry preserves, but this is the first time since childhood that I've stayed here.

It has worked its magic over the last few days, and Rick and I have experienced its power to bring us to unexplored, quiet places within ourselves.

In fact, I'm so very here now, that though I have so much to say, I am unmotivated to express very much at the moment. Let me simply say that I am learning that the best place to hang out, read, have a morning beverage, or take a spontaneous nap is on the old sofa on the screened porch where the lapping of the waves (and sometimes their roar) is more effective than any lullaby. The best place to sleep at night is the teeny, tiny bedroom on the first floor that was, back in the day when the cottage was built, designed for the family maidservant (not that I consider myself in that category--just ask Rick!); and the best place to write, check email, and find out the weather forecast or just mess around on the computer, is at the dining room table, where I can see Lake Michigan when I look up.

Yes--for me right now, it's all about catching up with rest and sleep and doing not much else unless I just feel like it. Perhaps that is the great gift of this place--an old cottage aptly named "Sleepy Hollow"--that one can so easily give in to the quiet lullaby it embodies.

Here is a picture Rick took of the front of the cottage, with its replacement shingles that have not yet mellowed. My favorite spot is the other end of the front porch. That's where I was in the shot of me relaxing. The picture of the walkway is one Rick took off the porch, and the one of the sunset I took from in front of the cottage.

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Sibylle said:

What a beautiful, blessed spot! And that cottage is just gorgeous. I can almost feel the peace emenating from the pictures!
Nothing like a house full of the ancestral energy of strong women ;-)
Wishing you a wonderful time and all the rest you deserve!

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