Even my ego gets it (for now, anyway!)

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Sometimes EW is the only place one can survive--actually, it's the only place ever, as any time out of EW and The Flow of Life Force is time spent dying. But sometimes, you've created it so that life is presenting so much to you that even your ego realizes that you have to stay in EW or perish!

That's where I am right now. I'm saying "I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy" with the fervor of a Catholic school boy praying the Rosary to keep his mind from impure thoughts. Okay--that's an exaggeration--I'm staying in Easy World pretty well, but I have needed to invoke it quite a lot nonetheless as my ego chimes in with "Dang--you're never going to get it all done!" But I almost have--just the last minute stuff after rising in the morning, and then we're off! I'm taking enough stuff that it looks like the Exodus, but that's the beauty--and the trap--of going by car, and in a mini-van, no less!

Anyhoo, I'll have my computer with me and a fast Internet connection, and I'll check in from the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan as soon as we settle in! Meanwhile, Patrick will be at our house, demolishing the old bathroom and creating the new. I confess I cried today after I had emptied it all and taken the pictures down and such. It feels like shedding an old skin and embracing a new one. I think I'm ready!

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